Heathly Eating With PBS KIDS And Whole Foods

I’m all for healthy eating. I’m also all for chocolate. I’m THAT complicated.

PBS Kids has teamed up with Whole Foods, a store I appreciate but struggle to support because WHY IS EVERY PIECE OF FRUIT FLOWN IN FROM AT LEAST 5000 MILES AWAY!?, to promote healthy eating to families. Yeah, I just went all Caps-Lock in the middle there. Deal.

But I like anything and anyone, pretty much, who makes an effort at convincing parents to stop feeding their kids shitty, boring foods. Also, I’d like to see less 200 lb ten-year-olds in the world. It’s getting pretty gross out there. Look around in horror.

So dig in with PBS Kids, and their new show PEG + CAT, to explore new foods with your children. I made a commitment to eat veggies and fruit when I became a dad, because I wanted my children to grow up healthier than I did, to understand where their food comes from, and to see me always trying new flavors and preparations. It’s not hard, people. You just have to care.

Print off this Peg + Cat Grocery Cart Bingo card for your next trip to the supermarket.

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PBS KIDS new site pbskids.org/healthykids features online and offline activities to help kids and parents have fun building math and science skills as they grocery shop, cook and eat. Parents can also find affordable recipes from PBS Parents Kitchen Explorers. Resources from Whole Foods are available at www.wholefoodsmarket.com/kid-friendly.

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