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A Tween Dance Party Special Edition of the OWTK Podcast

This one was A LOT of fun to record. I mix uptempo kindie songs with a couple of non-kindie (for the first time ever) to create an 8-song mini dance party playlist for tweens, teens, and toddlers alike. If you dig this podcast, would you please take a minute to rate it and leave some kind feedback on the iTunes store. It takes less than a minute but will go miles to help other families discover this music. Thank you!

The Tween Dance Party Playlist

  • Shine & the Moonbeams “Do You Ever Stop” from Shine & the Moonbeams
  • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo “Secret Handshake” from Underground Playground
  • Jack Skuller “Tell Me Your Heart” single (download this single for free here)
  • Jess Penner “Life Is Rosy” from Growing In The Cold (read more about Penner in this feature I wrote about her for Popdose and then download this entire album for free here)
  • Sunshine Collective “You Know” from Wanna Play?
  • Todd and Cookie “HotchTooZee” unreleased single
  • RhymeZwell “Robots on the Dance Floor” unreleased single
  • The Pop Ups “Big Wheel” from Outside Voices

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Stream the whole Tween Dance Party episode here:

Download this Tween Dance Party Mix directly here.

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