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Watch This: Mister Rogers Remixed from PBS

Many years ago, when the Bear was still toddlering about the neighbohood, I impulse-bought a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood DVD. The purchase was fueled by a nostalgia for the zipped-sweater + slipper wearing TV legend that, frankly, I didn’t know I possessed.

It was unwatchable. Not only for the Bear who wasn’t (and still isn’t) raised on stop-motion and other high energy media, but for the Mrs. and I who sat dumbfounded by just how ABSOLUTELY BORING Mr. Rogers was. It’s slower than Mo Vaughn legging out a triple.

Good god, how did we ever watch it.

Fast forward to June 7, 2012.  Imagine if PBS brought back the show as a web series with a trippy, auto-tuned remix vibe — now that I could get into. Think I’m crazy?  Check out the Mister Rogers Remixed video below from PBS Digital Studios and then let this idea “grow in the garden of your mind”.

I know, right.  The dude had serious flow THE WHOLE TIME!

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