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Watch This: The Dirties/Cleanies “Pump the Pump” Video

It’s no secret I’m no fan of instructional songs. Yet, if a brand makes a clever song & video that is 100% instructional in nature, I’m open to it. Strange I know, but hey it’s the line I draw between art and commerce. I’ll take some overt lessons in the latter, but prefer the messages to be more abstract in the former.

Softsoap, my family’s preferred brand of hand soap, has put together an original song and video to encourage kiddos to wash their sticky, nasty little hands for (at least) 20-seconds at a clip. Not a bad message, so I’m all in.

I’m deriving from this “Pump the Pump” the same sorta ‘greater good’ message I used to give folks at the employee benefit fairs I worked. Sure, I was pimping my company’s retirement savings package but I often found myself saying “just save – pick a company you trust and put some coin away from each paycheck. It’s important. Sure, we’d love to have you but it’s more critical for you to just do it”. I think people were disarmed by my honesty. I picked up a lot of business with this true sentiment.

So, wash your hands children. Be it with Softsoap or some other brand. Do it.

If the aggro-rock of The Dirties isn’t your thing, how about the Fountains of Wayne pop of The Cleanies at the 55-second mark?

Let your kids enjoy “Pump the Pump” from The Dirties/Cleanies (Softsoap) – maybe hand washing before dinner tonight will go a bit smoother:

Here’s my fave in our bathrooms right now:

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