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Watch This: The Sippy Cups “Who Needs the Junk?” Video

In a partnership with the reusable goods retailer One Small Step and their “Boycott the Baggie” campaign, The Sippy Cups have written and recorded a brand new song.  “Who Needs the Junk?”, and the accompanying video (below), are meant to raise awareness of the tons and tons of crap that is thrown in the trash every day just as a result of waste from school lunches.

I’m so happy to not be a part of this problem.  My girls take their school lunches and snacks in washable & reusable plastic containers and/or a Thermos, with cloth napkins (most days) and in a reusable bag.  There are a zillion complex problems in the world, solving this one (or at least making a serious dent in it) is so damn simple.

Check out the video and the song below.  As you might expect, it’s a bit preachy, but it’s also Sippy Cup-catchy and the message – along with all the related statistics you’ll soon see – are pretty darn important.

Enjoy “What Needs the Junk?” from The Sippy Cups and One Small Step:

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