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ONE TRACK MIND: Recess Monkey & Sugar Free Allstars “Working Together”

I loves me some kindie collaborations, and while this new one between two of the funkier rock-n-roll outfits for tots lays on the message a bit too thick for my tastes, it is still a pretty damn good tune.

The OK City drums-n-organ duo Sugar Free Allstars picked Seattle’s Recess Monkey for partner play this month and the result is the funktastic “Working Together”.  Why should you listen and spend a buck on this one? Well, because rhyming Harmony with Jelly can pretty much only happen in kid’s music, and that’s pretty hilarious.

I’d have enjoyed a verse or a bridge exulting the contrasting joys of independent work, my favored way of getting things done, to temper the heavy handedness of the message but still, a very fun song by two of the more high-energy, and collaborative-friendly, kid’s bands working today.

Download “Working Together” by Recess Monkey & Sugar Free Allstars now:

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