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The Modern Musical Barnyard and Jazz for Kids


A pair of new music pieces of mine were published today on Red Tricycle (National) and Cooper & Kid’s Catch E-Zine. I don’t write about kid’s music too much around here these days, as you probably noticed, but I’m still out there on the internets being a constant vocal champion for the best of the best from the Golden Age of Family Music. And that tag line I keep using to label this current boom in good all-ages music WILL someday stick, god dammit.

The first new music post offers up a Spotify playlist for parents who cannot even consider the idea of singing Old MacDonald one. more. damn. time. We’ve come so far, people. It’s time to enter the modern barnyard as performed by a gaggle of terrific kindie rock musicians. Barely any reading required on this one, just press play and enjoy.

Old Sounds for Young Ears Jazz and Blues for Kids on Cooper and Kid Catch

The 2nd is a new piece that shares some of my favorite jazz and blues recordings from the kindiesphere, including a brand new musical discovery in Lucy Kalantari. And it was a great excuse to use that amazing press photo of Randy Kaplan, one of my favorite dudes in kid’s music.

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