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Watch This: Sugar Free Allstars Monster Truck Music Video World Premiere

Sugar Free Allstars Monster Truck Video

You know how some kids will happily get lost inside a YouTube wormhole, watching video after video of other kids playing with toys or opening boxes or building cities in Minecraft?

Of course you do because you’re alive in 2016.

Well then, you and your video obsessed mini-mes need to know that the OK City funk duo The Sugar Free Allstars have created a viral-worthy video for their song “Monster Truck” from their new, ridiculously tight self-titled album. I’m especially fond of the tearjerker bridge, when the sensitive side of monster trucks are explored. Grab a tissue, your kids and your TONKA trucks and watch Sugar Free Allstars “Monster Truck” music video:

Pre-order the new self-titled Sugar Free Allstars album now! It’s got a bit of Yoshimi vs. the Pink Robots, a touch of Morphine’s sensual saxophone and a heaping spoonful of NOLA jubilation. In short, it is outstanding.

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