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Watch This: Call Me Mista Cooke Jar Music Video

Flying bird mustaches, singing mermaids, and a lyric about “raising the status of my rookie card” are just a few of the delights that await you inside the newest video from the L.A.-based kindie superstar known as Mista Cookie Jar.

The video is a handcrafted, paper mache beaut that took nearly a year to create. That’s reason alone to carve out 5 minutes of your family’s day to watch and listen, because showing and discussing the intense artistic passion of others is potentially inspiring to the next generation of souls who will chose a path of passion over any other well groomed trail.

The song is from the album Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution, an album WELL WORTH owning if you don’t already.

Here’s what MCJ himself says about the video for “Call Me Mista Cookie Jar”:

“It’s a silent film/stop motion piece inspired by a time when photography and moving pictures were young and magic was fueled by the world’s innocence. The Missis & I and our roller skating homegirl created all the art for it, each drawing, cut out every photograph, animated every frame, made our own paper– even made a Buster Keaton hat from scratch. Visually and story-wise, it’s a new realm for the Love Bubble universe. “



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