OWTK Kid's Music Monthly Podcast

OWTK Kids Music Monthly Podcast June 2016


This episode of the OWTK Kids Music Monthly Podcast is incredible because it features only brand new songs fresh from the oven of the kindie kitchen. Hey, speaking of kitchen (awkward segue alert!!) this episode is sponsored by Blake’s All Natural Foods and their new from-scratch, small-batch, all-natural and organic pot pies. That’s right, frozen food that delicious and a delicacy AND kid’s music that isn’t terrible! What a world in which we are alive to enjoy together!! 🙂

Blakes All Natural Pot Pie

Also, a huge thanks to Macmillan, publishers of Doyin Richards new book I WONDER! They’ve sponsored this episode too and have provided a copy of Doyin’s book AND an autographed copy of Jimmy Fallon’s kid’s book YOU BABY’S FIRST WORD WILL BE DADA for OWTK’s massive Father’s Day Giveaway. Check it out here and enter now for a chance to win those two books plus nearly a $1000 worth of swag from Oakley Sunglasses, Brooks Brothers, Slingbox, JBL and more!!!

I Wonder Doyin Richards

OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly June 2016 Playlist:

  • Recess Monkey “Time To Make The Donuts” from Novelties
  • Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could “Me on the Map” from Press Play
  • Chibi Kodama “Acting Like We Don’t” from Dragons
  • Alphabet Rockers “Oddball” from Playground Zone
  • Animal Farm “Why Be A Pigeon When You Can Be a Peacock” from Run Free
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers “The Legend of Tall Talkin’ Sam” from Saddle Up
  • The Hollow Trees “My Metaphor” from Hello Friend
  • KB Whirly “Camp Song” from Camp Songs Vol. 1
  • Doctor Noize “Mystery Monkey” from Phineas McBoof Crashes The Symphony
  • Sugar Free Allstarts “One Verse Song” from Sugar Free Allstars

Download the episode directly here, stream it below, or subscribe for free on iTunes to get this one plus over 50 old episodes for free! That’s like 300+ hours of original family music that rocks…for free!! Of course, the bands need your support (more than ever in the Spotify world) so PLEASE consider buying the albums or downloading the songs you and your kids love the best.

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