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Skylanders Restocked at Amazon Plus A Rare Skylander Giveaway **UPDATE**

Act quick and grab Boomer, Hex, Zap, Dino-Rang, and Wrecking Ball for $7.99 each, you know their actual price, from Amazon right now!

You’ll still have to cough up $30+ for Cynder (or maybe not…see below*), Whirlwind, and Double Trouble but you’ve finally got a chance to add to your Skylanders collection at reasonable prices.  But act fast because I’m sure that these Skylandrs, like those NO LONGER hanging on pegs at your local Toys-r-Us and Target, will be gone in a flash!

Ready to find out what will come next in the Skylanders franchise?  Check out my exclusive sneak peek at Skylanders Giants!

*I’ve got a 2012 NYC Toy Fair exclusive, super rare Skylanders Cynder figure and I’m going to give it away to one lucky reader (and piss my kids off in the process)!

This shiny purple metallic figure is super duper rare and it can be yours to show off to your friends (hopefully not try to flip on eBay, ’cause that would suck).   Want a chance to win the exclusive Cynder?  Here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Leave a comment on this post telling me who your favorite Skylanders character is and why.  Simple enough, right?

For extra entries: LIKE Out With The Kids on Facebook, follow OWTK on Twitter, and/or Tweet about the giveaway up to once per day by copying & pasting the following into a tweet: 

I want to win an exclusive Skylanders Cynder figure from @OWTK – Enter now for your chance to win a RARE Skylander! https://owtk.com/?p=13053

This is important: You must leave separate comments for each of those extra entries in order for them to count as extra entries (for example, leave a separate comment that says “I follow you on Twitter”, then another that says “I tweeted about the giveaway”, and so on. Got it?  Good.

All entries must be received by 11:55pm ET on Wednesday 2/22/2012.  I’ll randomly pick a winner the next day.  Good luck!

**2/23 UPDATE**

There is good news and there is bad news.  The bad is that I will not be selecting a winner today.  The main reason for this is that I want to validate the entries to make sure no one is up to no good, because I already caught someone trying to, essentially, stuff the ballot box.  I anticipate this will take several days for me to accomplish.  You can thank your fellow Skylanders fans for the delay.

The good news is that there will be two winners.  I received an extra Toy Fair exclusive Cynder while at Toy Fair last week and have decided to give them both away.  So sit tight knowing your odds just got better.

Here are the gorgeous girls eager to find new homes:

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  2. Dave Gilbert says:

    Favourite Skylander is definitely Hex. Good ranged attacker with bolts and skull bombs; able to defend with bone wall.

  3. My favorite skylander is Wrecking Ball, I absolutely love him. His tongue attack is amazing, and if you press X (playstation 3) really quickly, you can take down almost anything super fast. His rolling attack is really good also, i like to use it when there are a bunch of enemies infront of me, and i can do a decent amount of damage to all of them. Also his figure is really nice looking, and he is also pretty cute.

    And by the way, if i win this cynder, i will be especially happy, because cynder is the one character that ive wanted ever since this game came out, and if i get her, than I will have all of Undead characters!

    P.S. I love this game way too much to sell any kind of skylanders on ebay, i have to collect them all!!

  4. My favorite Skylander is Terrafin. How can you not love his fast & furious martial arts punches?! That combined with being able to dig around underground with a razor sharp sharkfin destroying everyone above ground, all the while comically singing, humming, & generally mumbling to himself makes him my go to Skylander!

  5. My favorite? Stealth Elf. My son, who plays the game most, would probably say his favorite is Trigger Happy. Today, at least.

  6. I already stalk you on Facebook.

  7. Stalk is the wrong word. I also follow you on Twitter.

  8. And I tweeted about the giveaway.

  9. My favorite Skylander is Prismbreak due to his maniacal laughter and the prism drops. He is a “blast” to play.

  10. My favorite is Trigger Happy because he is one crazy Skylander.

  11. I’m definitely a fan of Terrafin. He is just a beast. I love tunneling underground with him and coming up under a bunch of baddies. Plus, I love his Jaws-esque humming, and I swear at some points it sounds like he is humming Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”!

  12. I have two favorites, Hex and Whirlwind. I love Hex because she’s strong and gothed out. Whirlwind is awesome because, well let’s face it killing enemies with rainbows is, indeed, awesome. I giggles sooooo hard when I first discovered his attack.

  13. Huge fan of wrecking ball….seriously, how can you not like an innocent looking giant blueberry with big eys and teeth, that in one fatal swoop, can grab you with his tongue and make you disappear into his endless stomach. Classic “look at me, I’m cute…..slurp… Burp!”

  14. My favorite is flameslinger. I was able to use him to gain the coveted xbox award for beating Kaos with a single skylander… For my son. Yeah, that’s who it was for. My son. Not me. My son…
    It is quite possible that flameslinger is the most powerful of all the skylanders. That circle of fire can put down just about anything. Beef him up with all the heroic challenges and he’s nearly unstoppable. (I say “all the heroic challenges” I mean all the heroic challenges you can do. Which is about 18 for us.)
    Hex is a real close second. I love artillery. Nothing comes closer to Death from Above than Hex.

  15. My favorite has to be Bash. The fact that he is one of the few characters that can do max damage, and that he has very high health after you rank him up to rank 10. And the fact he is an earth dragon automatically attracts me. 😀

  16. My favorite character i would have to say would be sonic boom she is amazing all of her powers are balanced out nuff said 😛

  17. My favorite is Gill Grunt. My daughter, who does most of the playing likes Hex and Eruptor. I think she likes hex because she’s a girl and the bone wall and she likes Eruptor because of the lava belch.

  18. I cant really pick one its just a awesome way to close the age gap between my younger siblings 6,7 and me 25 they call me up and talk about what they have done in each level whos there favorite and i love to suprise them with new skylanders when i see them

  19. My favorite Skylander is Terrafin. Being a land shark is incredibly awesome and I love his “PUNCH EVERYTHING” personality. But, my favorite thing about him is that he reminds me of an old cartoon show called “Street Sharks”.

  20. I’m now following you on Twitter.

  21. And I tweeted about the giveaway.

  22. Boomer– because he looks like a cracked out Muppet.

  23. I now also like you on facebook

  24. And I now also follow you on twitter

  25. I choose the Wrecking Ball! Too Funny and Fun!

  26. And I also tweeted about the giveaway

  27. Tough call. Gill has been my mainstay but we recently got dino-rang and he’s aot of fun. Problem is we live in a small town andthe few stores that do sell the toys are picked clean by the same one or two people who trn around and sell them on kijiji for inflated prices. My so has been wanting to get more but I cannot justify paying 30-40 dollars for one guy…..

  28. I would say my favorite is Cynder, but that sounds too much like I’m trying for the figure. I will tell you about our son’s favorite though 🙂

    Linden is six months old and loving watching Skylanders and happens to light up and get very happy whenever Eruptor comes up. He will actively crawl to the portal to grab him and squeal with glee when he manages to pull off the stunt. We’ve managed to collect a boxed set and an open set for him to see and play with as he grows up (a hard feat for two college students with no actual job other than parenting and school work), but have so far been unable to find any of the rare figures (we’ve tried for months!) Having this figure to add to our collection to give to him one day would be absolutely amazing! Go to our website and see our pictures of the collection! We just moved and are planning on hanging them on his walls and decorating his room with a Skylander motif.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to try for this figure!

  29. Ignitor, looks pretty hot I’d say. 🙂

  30. Cynder is obviously my favorite, but a shiny purple one exists!?! 😀
    Give it to a kid who deserves it, or give it to me and I will.

  31. my favourite skylander is no doubt dino-rang. He reminds of back when I was a kid, and My aunt sent me a boomerang from Australia. I always tried to perfect it, and when it came back the first time, I felt like a champ. He is also a very well rounded character, he can deflect projectiles, he has good armor, and good attack.

  32. My favorite has to to Slam Bam. How can you possibly go wrong with four arms swinging and a gigantic ICE FIST?! The fact that he can “surf” on land or water just adds to his awesomeness! His ice move also rocks, frozen enemypops anyone?

  33. I follow you on Twitter now.

  34. I tweeted about the giveaway! 🙂

  35. Imma like-in’ ya on facebook also!

  36. I enjoy using Drobot, I just simply enjoy his design. He could be the worst character ever and I would still use him.

  37. My favorite Skylander is Sonic Boom. She has an awesome design, a great name, and her powers in the game are really, really useful!

  38. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  39. I followed you on Twitter…

  40. And I also Liked your page on Facebook!

  41. I tweeted about the contest good sir.

  42. My favorite Skylander is Dark Spyro. I was a huge fan of the original Spyro games and I think that this revamp of Spyro with a dark side is an awesome idea, plus his color scheme is awesome!

  43. I liked the Facebook page…

  44. …followed you on Twitter…

  45. …and tweeted about the contest! 🙂

  46. I followed you on twitter.

  47. and I liked your page on facebook!

  48. Whirlwind is my fav, for some reason she just works for me. I must say though Terrafin is my enforcer

  49. I’m following you on twitter

  50. I tweeted about the giveaway

  51. My favorite Skylander is Cynder! Her lightning attacks are viciously quick and wide, her Shadow Charge is a vital move, and displays her element better than any other Skylander. I would love to add this to my collection, especially since Cynder is my favorite! I never win anything so my hopes aren’t ridiculously high, but I’d love to see you change that! 🙂

    P.S. check out my website, I’m really proud of my Skylanders coverage!

  52. My favorite is due to the experience finding it… I hit an unfrequented Walmart after several weeks of outage. I was excited to find a Flameslinger, actually 2, after nothing for weeks. Walking up to pay for my new find, I noticed the card was bent in the package, so I went back for the other Flameslinger. As i approached the display I noticed a character sitting on the portal that wasn’t there a minute before. It was a dragon, IT WAS CYNDER! A full week before the supposed release.

    My kids went crazy when I brought it home and that makes it all worth it. So I say sir, give it to your kids and experience the joy I felt. Otherwise, give it to me as it will be well received.

  53. Daniel Schumacher says:

    My favorite is Flameslinger — fully upgraded arrow path, he’s a beast — powerful and fast with large area of attack.

  54. My favorite skylander character has to Chop Chop. Ever since we got the game, we couldn’t stop collecting the characters. We have all of the characters besides the ones that have not released. We play on the xbox 360 but HAD to buy the 3DS bundle pack to get Dark Spyro and the awesome looking Ignitor. It is not a suprise this game is a hit, and better yet, it is bringing back this Dungeons and Dragons idea to video games. Also, this move by activision may save the industry from going completely digital. I love how this game has helped kids not only play a video game, but also using the pieces to play pretend when the tv is off. I love this concept. We only have toddlers, but they still think these characters are AWESOME!!!

    Oh yeah, by the way, I got carried away about how much I love the game and what it has done that I forgot to mention why I love CHOP CHOP! The reason why I love Chop Chop is because he reminds me more of an knight that died but has been given a second chance to protect the skylands as the undead. It oddly reminds me of the final chapter of the Lord of the Rings when Aragorn recieves help at the battle of Minas Tirith. I knew this may have been odd!

  55. Daniel Schumacher says:

    I liked you on Facebook

  56. Daniel Schumacher says:

    And following you now on Twitter…

  57. Daniel Schumacher says:

    And tweeted about the giveaway!

  58. My personal favorite Skylander is Double Trouble. I love this character, his staff, upgradable powers, appearance and everything about him. (Even his spinning eyeballs!)
    My 5 year old son loves every Skylander and tells me that they are all his favorites…there are several he does not have(despite our best efforts to get them) but can recite all their names, looks through the Brady Games Hint Book all the time, loves his poster of the Skylanders, enjoys switching them around when we play and sleeps with a different one every night. He lives and breaths Skylanders and it is a true passion for him. The excitment he gets from receiving a new Skylander is absolutely amazing…pure euphoria and nearly tangible.

    To receive such a rare and special Skylander (this Beautiful Cynder) would be a magnificent highlight. He would never let it go, I can be certain of that….Please choose him as the recipient. I think it would make his life!

  59. My favorite Skylander is Hex because she has awesome abilities, all-round stats, and in my opinion she’s kind of cute!

  60. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  61. My favorite skylanders is Whirlwind because she is really cool. I mean how do you hit enemies with rainbows? How do you hit enemies with colors made from light? Its like Mind=Blown. And its cool how she makes storm clouds with just flapping her wings. I take care of all my figures and toys and things. I don’t like them to get bent destroyed or anything I take really good care of them.

  62. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  63. I follow you on Twitter

  64. I liked out with the kids on facebook

  65. My favorite would have to be terrafin because I got him as a present from my other (I bought all the others myself) and with a fully upgraded burrow attacks he is beast!!! Also,I love how hew hums to himself while underground, kinda sounds like a chicken! And he looks amazing with a spartan helmet on 🙂 But the reason I’m entering this is because of my sister, she’s kinda sick right now and cynders been one of her favorites since it came out in one of her first games. Not doing this to make you feel bad or anything (in fact don’t give me extra votes or anything) but I would really love to give this to her before she’s gone. Thank you 🙂

  66. I tweeted about this website (@chrissco2498)

  67. My favorite skylander is Dino-Rang, I like his boomerang attacks, because they are amazing, especially the one where you can control the boomerang. I also really like the boomerang shield, which does loads of damage to everything surrounding you. I like to use him on the mining level, because he can dig through the rocks without the pick-axe.

    If I got this cynder, I would be the happiest person in the world. I had asked my mom to order cynder online, but then she saw cynder for $50, and said she would rather get me another game instead of one figure. (parents just dont understand) I really want cynder, not only because she is THE coolest skylander, but because my mom wouldnt buy me her, and also, it would complete my undead type collection. Also this version looks absolutely amazing!!

    P.S. I would never EVER sell this or any skylander on ebay or amazon. (ill buy skylanders on ebay and amazon though)

  68. Want cynder metallic. Favorite skylanders – Trigger Happy. Why not he is a firing machine. Like you I am a dad who adores his daughter and loves playing skylanders with her. It is he best daddy daughter time I can gt wih my 9yo. Perfect for us. I just bookmarked your blog and will tweet your link. Thanks and r is to skylanders , the kids and daddys.

  69. I follow you on twitter

  70. I tweeted about the giveaway

  71. hello, my favorite skylander is boomer because no one really appreciates him and i can relate i never really get anything but i have the video game so i really would enjoy that cynder please don’t let the contest be over

  72. I follow you on twitter

  73. i tweeted about the giveway

  74. my favorite is cynder. SHES A BEAST, honestly. some might think cuz shes a girl, shes not as good. But i can confirm thats wayyyy wronnnnggggg!! her attacks are completely viscious, and i havent gotten haunted ally yet but im sure that will be good. I never win anything so i hope theres a chance youll consider me. Thankkkss

  75. britney nguyen says:

    hello sir iam 8 years old and my favorite skylander is hex, she is my favorite because i love her bone shields i always beat my brother when we battle and i love dark skylanders so i would really want cynder please,and thank you for being so kind to give away one of my favorite skylanders i wish i could have her but my mom and daddy are going through a hard time right now so we can’t really buy many things so if i got it i would be very happy

    p.s. my brother helped me type this and again thank you

  76. britney nguyen says:

    i followed you on twitter now

  77. britney nguyen says:

    i tweeted about your giveway

  78. Slam bam is my favorite character.
    who wants to mess with a four armed yeti covered in ice spikes?!
    and to top it all off he rides on an ice surfboard rocking pimp aviator sunglasses!

  79. i liked you on facebook

  80. Patrick Mcgee says:

    I like Trigger Happy. He is just crazy and cracks me up. MINE!! MINE!! MINE!!!!!

  81. britney nguyen says:

    i liked you on facebook kind sir

  82. I am just a normal Skylanders fan. I like Boomer because he’s funny and has some great moves. SKYLANDER GIANTS!

  83. I love every Skylander. How much do I like every Skylander? I like them enough to buy 3 of each. I open 2, so to take them down each upgrade path, while another hangs on my shrine dedicated to Skylanders, which is almost an entire wall (it will be an entire wall as soon as I am done with the collection).

    I have spent over 3000 dollars on Skylanders alone in my household, which may or may not include my kids’ collections of Skylanders, which they each have their own set of the 30 currently released figures.

    I guess if I had to pick a certain Skylander, to call my favorite, it would be Ghoat Roaster. When he is taken down the “Fear Eater” path, he becomes an absolute powerhouse. He moves faster in Ectoplasm Mode, while taking less damage, while being able to go through enemies (and opponenets in Battle Mode) attacks. After getting all of his speed upgrades through Heroic Challenges, he becomes that even faster, solidifying his status as a very powerful Skylander.

  84. My favorite Skylander is Drobot, because when fully leveled he is very hard to beat. He shoots fast, can fly, and is armored. Awesome!

  85. I liked you on Facebook.

  86. My favorite Skylander is Bash. Gameplay wise, he is a powerhouse and his roll attack is so much fun! I love his dinosaur aesthetic, and the noises he makes in game are adorable. I am also very fond of him for his backstory. He is a dragon, but cannot fly. He dreams of flying though, and it is the one thing he wants to be able to do. I find he is a bit of a hopeless romantic in a sense that way, which is relatable 😛
    Anyways, Bash developed his roll technique in order to make up for his inability to fly, which is pretty smart and carries its own advantages and makes Bash unique.
    I love the guy for that.
    I hope whoever wins enjoys the Cynder and doesn’t throw it on eBay instantly! 😛

  87. I tweeted about the contest @TikiTreeBeast

  88. I liked your Facebook page.

  89. And I followed you on Twitter. 🙂

  90. Grady Hooker says:

    My favorite is Gill Grunt because I harpoon everyone.

  91. Grady Hooker says:

    I liked your FB page.

  92. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway again!

  93. tweeted about the giveaway allot!! wonder if its gonna make anyone i know try for this too

  94. i am about to go follow you on twitter

  95. My favorite overall has to be Boomer. He IS the Mad Bomber What Bombs at Midnight! And he said to me, “He said, “Yeh, yeh… I’ll sling dynamite and (3DS only) “poop” bombs when I double-jump!!””. BOOM BAY-BEE!!
    My daughter’s favorite is Cynder, so much so I gave her the one I pre-ordered from Amazon for myself and haven’t been able to get since. I’d love to get this for her and repossess the one I gave her so I can use Cynder in-game for once and see what all the hype is about (I lie…I’ve seen her in use…she’s awesome). I’d only have to convince her to let me reset hers. Hmm, that may be a tough sell… I could always keep this one for myself.

  96. Hey man, this is really nice of you to give away something like this. I just googled “new Skylanders” looking for some pics of the Giants and stumbled upon this. My girlfriend Kristina and I, are hooked on Skylanders. My little brother and sister as well. So to find this was really cool.

    My personal favorite is Stealth Elf. I really enjoy the way she can psyche out the other characters with her scarecrow move.

    My girl has always loved Cynder since we first started watching the videos of the characters on youtube. Finding her is impossible and I just can’t afford to lay out the money for the figure. It would be greatly appreciated, she would cherish it. I know we are just big kids, but it would be incredible! Good luck to everyone and thanks again!

  97. i twitted about the giveaway again

  98. My favriote Skylander is Drobot, becuase of his awsome gameplay and cool cyborg design. Me and my friend really love Skylanders and we’re hoping to win, Skylanders is awsome and we really wish we could’ve gone to the toy fair but it was to expensive.I hope whoever gets it keeps it instead of selling it.

  99. My favorite Skylander is Stealth Elf because she is so fast and powerful, she can speed through levels and help complete the levels time objective.

  100. I liked you on facebook as well.

  101. i have to say, im really surprised but glad your giving this away. i am happy youre not one of those people who will just put it on ebay for like 50$! Thanks again for letting us all have the oppurtunity to win this

  102. Thanks for opportunity. My favorite is Trigger Happy. He is powerful once leveled up and I laugh everytime he says “mine, mine, mine”..lol. He’s so greedy..lol

  103. Gill Grunt is my favorite because I have spent my entire life on/near the water and he seems like the kinda Skylander I would most likely hang out. Plus he can shoot a Ship’s Anchor… Pretty Sweet!

  104. My fav. skylander actually is cynder, i loved the acual spyro games and cynder was my fav. spyro character ever since i saw her.

  105. My favorite has to be Cynder. She is strong and has great skills! My most favorite skill has to be the shadow dash. It avoids all attacks! I was at my friend’s house and I was playing as Cynder and she was awesome!I actually pre-ordered it on Amazon, but they sadly canceled it. I’ve been looking everywhere to find her, but no luck. I really really hope I win her. If I do, I will start crying from happiness. It’s very nice of you to give away a limited edition Cynder. Good luck to everyone!

  106. I liked your facebook page.

  107. I’m following you on Twitter.

  108. I tweeted about the giveaway today.

  109. Cool!

    I really like chop chop because I always been a fan of medieval times and myths. Plus when I was little I wanted to be a knight fighting dragons.

  110. well, now im sad. I was about to go on and buy cynders soul gem, but i now cant find cynder……. i had her this morning, and now shes nowhere to be found. It sucks because she was my favorite and best. now i want to win this thing like 100x more! ergh. well now i gotta go try and find her some more.

  111. My favorite Skylander is Drobot. I just like the idea of a robot dragon.

  112. charlie williams says:

    I love all skylanders, but I think I like Stump Smash the best. I waited for him for a LONG time. My twin sister loves stelf elf he best and if I I win I will give this to her because there aren’t as many girl skylanders.

  113. charlie williams says:

    We liked you on my step moms Facebook too.

  114. I like OWTK on Facebook.

  115. I just went to follow you on Twitter and I realized that I already do! So I’m following you on Twitter!

  116. My son’s favorite skylanders is “Slam Bam”. he is out to collect all of them( if that is even possible)

  117. Our favorite is Cynder– Gotta catch’em all– Favorite color is purple

  118. My 5 year old sons favorite skylander is Chop Chop. In his words ” I love chop chop the most because he has a giant spike wave hit, a big spiky shield, hes got a skeleton armor and glowing eyes, that is all.”

    We love the skylanders, at our house our son has to earn them. He gets one about every for days for doing a good job. When he does something extra wonderful we award him with one on the spot every now and then. We would never sell the cynder, it would be a great motivator for him 🙂

    He just saw a picture of it right before I did this. “wow mommy, is that a cynder”? lol.

    Somebody on here is going to be super lucky, thanks for even giving people that could not make it to the fair an opportunity like this, so much fun!

  119. i love Flamesinger because of the flame circle, move it kills everything.love the game… patience and you will get more figures people

  120. It’s difficult to choose a single favourite Skylander out of such a brilliant cast of characters, but my vote would probably have to go to the first figure I bought, Bash. Being able to control something that looks as unwieldy as a big rock dragon, only to find that he can be a very fast and nimble character thanks to his rolling ability, is awesome! Fast and strong characters appeal to me greatly, and Bash is very capable on both fronts.

    Plus he’s endearingly primitive and looks good in hats.

  121. I liked you on Facebook.

  122. I followed you on Twitter.

  123. I tweeted about the giveaway (Monday 13th February).

  124. skylanders are extremely rare to find where i live… especially the ones that just came out like cynder. there is a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of me winning this contest, but i kno i am one of the biggest skylander fans on earth! cant wait or skylanders: giants!!!! come soon fall!

  125. When I started playing Skylanders and there were so few available, I was lucky to get my hands on a Flameslinger and he has been my favorite since. Once he is powered up, watching his trio of flames travel over any landscape/water to strike the enemies is so awesome. Ready, Aim, Fire!

  126. My favourite skylander would be Stealth Elf because i killed Kaos with only her and unlocked a trophy and because she kills any enemies i have trouble with

  127. I liked you on Facebook. 🙂

  128. Tug McErlain says:

    My favorite skylander is Wrecking Ball and here is why. When my 5-year-old daughter lent it to a boy named Richie on her bus, she learned a valuable lesson. Daddy is the only boy who keeps his promises;) 3 weeks later and he still hasn’t given it back. I figure this figure might just keep my little girl from going boy crazy at least until she’s 13. Wrecking Ball, we miss you, but we’ll take care of Kaos while you take care of keeping my Gracie a Daddy’s Girl for a couple more years.

  129. I liked on facebook

  130. Favorite is trigger happy because I was able to beat the final boss with him alone.

  131. Entry:

    My favorite Skylanders character is Cynder for a variety of reasons:

    1) She is a female purple dragon – power and pretty

    2) I love trying all of her skills and using them in different combinations to see how best to defeat the enemy.

    When I first started playing Skylanders with my kids, I looked at all the characters and she was the first one I wanted. I asked for her for Christmas from my husband, but of course I found out that she was not available yet.

    When she did become available, I checked for her at my local store everyday, but they never got her in (still haven’t yet) so I resorted to finding her elsewhere. I did some creative buying on Ebay for some other characters for my 2 sons and got her for me in the process. I had no idea she would be so popular.

    I had been having a very difficult week at work a few weeks back and ended up having to go to work on Sunday. I decided to check and see if any packages had arrived in the mail, and low and behold, she was there when I needed a pick me up. I immediately opened her and took a picture of her at Queen Lilioukalani Park:


    Through the next week of work, when I was stressed to the hilt, I had her with me, something to smile at and bring me back to simple pleasures and make me feel like things would be okay. She began to be like a totem to me, finding strength in the image of a female purple dragon.

    Since she and others have been hard to find, I found myself getting a few extras of skylanders and starting to send them to others who cannot find them for their kids or even to kids themselves who are having a hard time finding them. I wanted to do something small for someone else to enjoy the game and not get caught up in the rat race for making money off of the hype. My philosophy: Toys are to be enjoyed and shared.

    Last week, my Dad died. In the midst of my chaos and grief, this game has given me the relief and enjoyment with my two boys that I need at this time. While I am an adult, this takes me out of my busy and stressful life to be a kid and just play with my children. Cynder is one of my little strengths right now. Something to keep with me to make me smile.

    I hope whoever wins this contest will enjoy her, take her out and play with her as I would. She doesn’t belong in a box or to be exploited on Ebay or other website for money.

    Thank you for putting on this contest. It’s nice to know that some people still believe in sharing toys.

  132. I followed on Twitter (actually finally made an account on twitter – meant to do it, just now I have a good excuse!)

  133. I tweeted about the giveaway. (my first tweet!)

  134. I just posted about the giveaway 🙂 LOL, kind of hard to make yourself do it when you know you are getting more people in on it and lessening your odds 🙂

  135. I just reread the deal and see that I have to post each thing that I do. Okay so yesterday I liked yall on facebook 🙂 Yay!!!

  136. My favorite Skylander is Cynder ’cause she’s cute, tough, and cool. All the best things about Skylanders in one! Plus, she’s a dragon. And dragons are awesome.

  137. Hi. I liked you on Facebook.

  138. …aaand I followed you on Twitter!

  139. I like Hex the most – she not only looks cool, she can seriously kick some butt. I have yet to find her in my local stores but I cross my fingers that I one day will. I always thought there were too few female characters in video games but Skylanders seem to change this: Stealth Elf, Whirlwind, Sonic Boom and Cynder are great figures to your collection. This rare Cynder would make me the nicest uncle of them all when I present it to my nephews whom I recently bought Skylanders for 🙂

  140. – plus I like you on Facebook 🙂

  141. – and I would seriously tweet every day about your great site and giveaway if I were using Twitter!

  142. My favorite Skylander is Whirlwind! She was my first air and I remember when I got her. I was at Target and I asked a guy working at the electronics department if they had more of her and he brought one out to me. I love her so much, she was also my first fully leveled and upgraded Skylander. I also love how she can use thunder clouds and lighting to attack enemies. <3

  143. I also liked you on FaceBook! :]

  144. I am following you on Twitter.

  145. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  146. My favorite is Sonic Boom because I like her minions.

  147. Tweeted about the giveaway today.

  148. I tweeted about the giveaway today.

  149. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway today!

  150. I tweeted about the giveaway today (February 13, 2012)

  151. My favorite Skylander is Flameslinger. He has a great ranged attack, I love his secondary attack, and I love that he can actually shoot enemies that are above him.

  152. aonstly i love all the skylanders and I am really pumped about the new ones coming out but if I had to pick a Favourite it would be zook because his attacks are useful in battle and because he can just stand there behind the mushrooms or plants and take out a bunch of enemies with his bazookas

  153. From my son Joseph: “My favourite is Drobot. He’s my favourite because I like his lasers, they kill the bad guys quickly and he can fly over the water with his rocket wings. I also like his discs, they can bounce like Trigger Happy’s coins.”

  154. I love Cynder because she can spit lightning and curse her opponents plus she has a ghost follow her!

  155. Tweeted about the contest

  156. Liked you on Facebook

  157. My favorite skylander is Spyro of course!!
    He has been my favorite character since early Spyro adventures for playstation. Now my kids love it and their favorite character is also Spyro because of me 🙂
    I try to get as many skylanders for my kids collection, they really love it.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  158. I just tweeted about the contest!

  159. I tweeted about the giveaway today (February 14, 2012) Happy Love Day!

  160. I tweeted about the giveaway today. Btw, Happy Valentines Day everyone! 🙂

  161. Too many favourite characters in the Skylanders franchase, so I’ll have to pick one at random.
    Whirlwind has to be one of my most favourited Skylanders due to her power to heal her allies. She can fly around and do plenty of other things at best. One thing I love about this character is the hero challenge she came with, a rather easy challenge which is very fun to play with + You get critical hit attributes if you complete this challenge. Fantastic character.

    I’d love to win this Cynder due to the fact I cannot find cynder anywhere, being where I live. The local tesco doesnt stock them anymore, PCworld, Currys and GAME are also out of the question on stocking. I’ve found a few at Gamestation, but I own all of them characters, so it’s rather pointless buying a second copy. Plus this cynder looks absolutely amazing.

    I’d twitter this, however, I am rather unsure how too… never onced used Twitter before and the people I know who have twitter have somehow been harassed over it, so I’d rather stay away.

    Thanks for the awesome chance to win, liked your facebook page ^_^ And thanks for all the amazing updates on the skylanders figurines 😛

  162. My favotite skylander is Trigger Happy.I like the way he throws gold at his enemies and his golden machine gun

  163. I liked you on facebook

  164. liked you on facebook

  165. i liked you on my facebook!

  166. I am totally excited about you giving away a rare cynder, my boys would freak if I ever brought that home for them, they are absolutely fanatics (as am I!) Their favorite characters are Stump Smash and Bash…. Thanks!

  167. I am following you on twitter now….my kids would freak with cynder, hoping you will pick us….

  168. i tweeted about the giveaway can’t wait so excited yet anxious

  169. britney nguyen says:

    hi sir, i tweeted about the cynder being given away but really i want to win more than anything i hope i win…

  170. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted about the contest!

  171. My daughter and I are huge skylander fans. She is only 5 yrs. old and her favorite is Stealth Elf, of course because she’s a girl and because she runs really fast. I have helped her collect every character so far. I would love to add this to her collection and plus its her favorite color purple. My favorite out of all the characters is Trigger Happy. Its fun to see him with his tongue out and he has 2 guns lol hence the name. It happens to be that skylanders came out on Oct. 16, my daughter’s birthday. I really want to win this for her, she means the world to me.

  172. Tim Easterday says:

    I would have to say Drobot. Mostly because playing as Drobot is mostly like letting the game play for you, in that many enemies will die before you ever even know they’re there.

  173. Tim Easterday says:

    Liked on Facebook

  174. Tim Easterday says:

    Followed on Twitter

  175. Tim Easterday says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  176. I tweeted about the giveaway today (February 15, 2012)

  177. Tweeted about the giveaway! 2/15/12

  178. My favorite is wreking ball because he has a long tounge but if i win this Cynder would be my new favorite.

  179. My favourite Skylander is Terrafin as he hums songs when he burrows underground

  180. I tweeted about the contest again 🙂

  181. MY Faveorite skylander is Flameslinger because he looks amazing and has awesome upgrades! I don’t think I’ll win but I won’t know unless I try.


  183. my favourite has to be stealth elf because of her stealth attack [good for enemy tracking attacks] and her sylvan regeneration

  184. hey, my favorite skylander is Hex. she’s one potent character! i hope the LED light ups come and she’s decked out. 😀 I leveled her up to 6 in one sitting. hopefully this is the random pick!


  185. mine is cynder because of her looks attacks and epic evilness

  186. Tweeted about the contest again!

  187. britney nguyen says:

    i twitted about the giveaway of cynder

  188. i tweeted about the giveaway

  189. My favorite is Stump Smash. Bow down to the power of the MEGANUT!

  190. Tweeted About the giveaway today. 🙂 Hope I win!

  191. Tweeted today. 🙂

  192. I liked on facebook and posted on it about cynder

  193. liked u and posted u on facebook

  194. didnt find my cynder so ima order off ebay if i dont win, which i wont…

  195. i followed you on twitter

  196. I forgot to mention that I Liked you on Facebook. Don’t tweet unfortunately. But I posted your message on my Facebook message board. Does that count? 🙂

  197. At first i would have said stealth elf because she is a ninja, but i recently began looking into the old games (particularly dawn of the dragon) and seeing the relationship with spyro and cynder has created a new desire in me to obtain cynder 😀 YAY CYNDER!!! <3

  198. i have to say i like cynder but im gonna be honest my favorite skylander is camo

  199. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted about it again

  200. We just got this ga,e and only have the starting characters, but my favorite so far is Trigger Happy because I love that his ammo is coins, the golden safe toss cracks me up, and he looks really cute in the cowboy hat my daughter and I found for him during our first time playing the game together! Thanks for the chance to enter this contest!!

  201. I follow you on Twitter!,,

  202. I liked OTWK on Facebook!

  203. Tweeted about the contest! 2/16/12

  204. Is it okay to say that Spyro’s my favorite right now? Something about dragons…. 🙂

  205. Granted, it’s mainly because of the Enter the Dragon games.. but I really enjoyed the Cynder Story arc. Not to mention she is awsome in Skylanders, dash through the enemies then just sit there and zap them. 😉

  206. my favorite is stump smash, because he is really the underdog because hes the slow guy. but hes actually incredibly strong with his combo.

  207. My favorite skylander is Zap. I rarely get hurt just repeatedly using his sea slimes attack. I also think he looks cool. 🙂

  208. I feel obliged to say that my favorite is Spyro, I mean he is suppose to be the main character, but I really think that Stealth Elf is my favorite. For one, in the dark her daggers and eyes glow which makes her look NINJA :D, I also like her soul gem power which is over time to regain health. Overall though, my favorite thing about her is the scarecrow ability! I chose that path because it does massive damage if you place them correctly. Also, the idea of being able to sneak up on your enemys is sick!!!

  209. I tweeted about the contest 🙂

  210. I hope to win this, I have every single variant (except Pearl Hex :B) and I would never let this one go <:3 Well, my fav has to be a tie between Drill Sergeant cause he looks really cool and badasss and between Sonic Boom, since once you upgrade her is an unstopable force of nature (she helped me gettig the defeating Kaos with the same char trophy B3)

  211. My favorite skylander is Chop Chop because he has a sowrd and can do awesome powers and he has a legendary partner

  212. Holly Fisher says:

    My son’s character in the game is Bash because he has incredible hit damage and armor! He really loves all of them. I LOVE the fact that he not only plays with his figures in the game but also independently (using his imagination!) as well. Cowboys and Indian figures? So yesterday!

  213. i tweeted about the contest or giveaway i hope you pickme ive been work hard to win this

  214. My favorite is Drobot because he can fly, and makes weird noises.

  215. I tweeted about the contest (February 16, 2012)

  216. LIKE Out With The Kids on Facebook
    Leah Baird

  217. Britney Nguyen says:

    i tweeted about the giveaway so others could win

  218. follow OWTK on twitter @lnb1191

  219. Tweeted about the giveaway today. 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  220. i liked OWTK on facebook

  221. I follow you on twitter

  222. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 2/17/12

  223. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  224. I tweeted about the contest (February 17, 2012)

  225. I posted the contest on my facebook again today 🙂 I cant wait to find out who wins 🙂

  226. I tweeted about you on twitter

  227. I’m fond of whirlwind…rainbow attacks rock!

  228. I like you on facebook

  229. I tweeted on 2/15/2012

  230. I tweeted again on 2/16/2012

  231. I love sunburn…awsome phonix/dragon that shoots fire & teleports

  232. Tweeted on Twitter today. 🙂

  233. Tweeted about the contest today!

  234. my fav skylander is prisim break because he looks pretty boss he has giant crystals coming out of him and he is really strong and i do not have a cynder skylander so i really want one thx 🙂

  235. and i liked your facebook

  236. My favorite character is Bash. He makes a cute hum when put on the portal and his attack/defense are good. His background story is my favorite because he wanted to fly like other dragons, he learned how to curl himself into a ball and roll with great speed. Still can’t fly, but created a powerful new attack. 🙂

  237. Tweeted about the giveaway (again) 🙂

  238. Tweeted about the giveaway! 2/17/12

  239. Did my tweet of the day 🙂

  240. tweeted about it once again. Really hope i win, i want nothing more then to win thisss

  241. Britney Nguyen says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  242. Love Metallic Cynder! Looks so cool!

  243. Liked you on Facebook!

  244. Nikki Fletcher says:

    My favorite Skylander is Sonic Boom. He does massive damage and has cute little babies too.

  245. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 02/18/12

  246. Tweeted about the giveaway 2/18/12

  247. I tweeted about the contest (February 18, 2012)

  248. I follow you on twitter

  249. I tweeted about the contest

  250. liked u guys and posted u guys in facebook

  251. Sunburn because he is half dragon half phoenix!!!

  252. i tweeted about the giveaway

  253. I tweeted about the giveaway again

  254. Britney Nguyen says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway again

  255. Melinda Mrozowski says:

    My favorite Skylander is Zap because He’s a really good guy to level up and gets really strong. He is a dragon and dragons are just too cool!

    I also liked and posted about the giveaway on facebook!

    Im am so excited about this giveaway. Its is something the kids will definitely love!

  256. Nikki Fletcher says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

  257. Tweeted about the giveaway today!

  258. Nikki Fletcher says:

    I follow you on twitter!

  259. Nikki Fletcher says:

    Also a Facebook Fan!

  260. Tweeted about the giveaway today!

  261. Isaac solano says:


  262. tweeted today. thanks so much

  263. I Love Skylanders. My Favorite character is Terrafin because it is the only character that will beat my friends Stealth Elf!

  264. Emory Sproat says:

    My favorite skylander is cynder because she is cool looking, she has lighting breath, and she can do the shadow sneak thing, but the metal looking one looks better.

  265. Emory Sproat says:

    My dad tim sproat liked it on facebook

  266. i tweeted about the give away

  267. i tweeted about the give away…

  268. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 02/19/12

  269. I posted about the contest on facebook 🙂

  270. Tweeted on 2/19 about the contest

  271. I tweeted about this giveaway

  272. Jennifer Childs says:

    Trigger Happy is my son, Kian’s, favorite because he likes the golden pot that he throws.

  273. Britney Nguyen says:

    I just tweeted about the contest/giveaway on twitter of course

  274. Jennifer Childs says:

    I like OWTK on facebook. (would love if I could)

  275. Jennifer Childs says:

    I follow you on twitter.

  276. Jennifer Childs says:

    I tweeted about the contest today.

  277. Michael Childs says:

    We love Gill Grunt’s fins and general blueness.

  278. Michael Childs says:

    Like you on facebook.

  279. Michael Childs says:

    Follow you on twitter.

  280. Michael Childs says:

    Tweeted on twitter.

  281. im going to go tweet about the giveaway on twitter again. REALLY hope i win, i really have to or i cant get another cynder after losing mine :/

  282. Tweeted about the giveaway today (February 19, 2012).

  283. My favorite skylander is Cynder because I have always had her as my favorite since I got the original game. I have always wanted a Cynder, so please….

  284. Tweeted about the giveaway today. 3 more days! I hope I win. 🙂

  285. Another tweet about the giveaway today!

  286. I want to win this for my 5 year old daughter Leiloni. She is a huge skylanders fan and she would love to have this Cynder, it happens to be her favorite color. Even though her favorite is Stealth Elf because she’s a girl, but she loves all of them. I hope I win this for her.

  287. animemaster1991 says:

    my favorite skylander is cynder because I loved playing as her in spyro dawn of the dragon, she had the coolest powers on there, she also looked really amazing in her bigger evil form in the first game, she is also without a doubt the best of the undead characters and one of my strongest ones in the game

  288. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 02/20/12

  289. My favorite is Whirlwind!


  290. I liked you on FB! Kayla Syslk


  291. I followed you on Twitter! raised_alt


  292. Sonic Boom is my favorite with the power-ups he helped us beat Kaos!

  293. i tweated today

  294. I tweeted about the contest. My favorite skylander was flameslinger, although now that hex is getting stronger I have a lot of fun playing her. Can’t wait to see how she does in pvp

  295. Tweeted about giveway 2/19/12

  296. Tweeted about Giveaway 2/20/12

  297. tweeted about giveaway again this morning

  298. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway today.

  299. Tweeted again! Good luck everyone. 2 more days! 🙂

  300. yes tweeted today and like on facebook, hope I win this for my daughter Leiloni.

  301. Tweeted again today and like on facebook, hope I win this for my daughter Leiloni.

  302. Tweeted about the contest today (February 20, 2012)

  303. Duncan Buchan says:

    My favorite skylander is Drobot, as he is a dragon and a robot AT THE SAME TIME, whats not to like, hope i win as i am a big skylander collector

  304. Duncan Buchan says:

    i liked your facebook!!! 🙂

  305. I tweeted about the contest

  306. Britney Nguyen says:

    I tweeted about the contest

  307. Another tweet about the contest today!

  308. I like Flameslinger and his arcing triple arrows! Also entered on Facebook…

  309. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 02/21/12

  310. Tweeted about the contest today (February 21, 2012)

  311. I don’t really have a favorite, but my daughter’s is Flameslinger.

  312. Tweeted about the contest today (February 21, 2012)1 more day! 🙂

  313. tweeted again @slambaam

  314. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted again today about the giveaway.

  315. I “Liked” OWTK on facebook. ^^

  316. Tweeted about the contest again today!

  317. Britney Nguyen says:

    i just tweeted about the giveaway again

  318. i tweeted about the contest or giveaway really happy its announced tommorrow can’t wait if its me im giving it to my sister for her birthdayon saturday or tell her

  319. i tweeted today @slambaam

  320. I tweeted today

  321. Tim Easterday says:

    Tweeted 02/22/12

  322. Daniel Schumacher says:

    Tweeted again today. Last one! Thanks for the opportunity.

  323. tweeted today. Please consider me

  324. Tweeted about the contest today (February 22, 2012) Last one! Thanks for the contest!

  325. Am I too late to enter for the metallic skylander cynder – my son is going to be so mad if i am!!!

  326. I just tweeted about the contest 🙂

  327. Amber Porter says:

    My son loves Gill Grunt, he has a thing for grunts, he loves to say the word a lot!
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  328. Amber Porter says:

    like you on facebook
    amber jackson porter

  329. Amber Porter says:

    follow you on twitter

  330. One more tweet about the contest today!

  331. i am sad that i might not win for my sister she loves cynder please i never win anything if you are reading thisi feel bad because i recently lost the school talent show and my heart sunk please choose me

    i just tweeted about the contest

  332. Britney Nguyen says:

    i just tweeted about this giveaway

  333. Roxane Keenan says:

    My favorite Skylander is Slam Bam because he can trap Skylanders in ice blocks.

  334. hi again, i reliaze this is the last day to comment and i know i probably shouldnt even bother because i never win things, but i will try because this is my only chance of ever getting another cynder. Please consider me

  335. i will do my final tweeting about this giveaway now. Really hope i get this

  336. pamela james says:

    Slam Bam it’s all about the ice ice baby

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  337. pamela james says:

    fb fan

    pamela j
    at aol dot com

  338. pamela james says:

    twitter follower

    aol dot com

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