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Radio Alert: Hear Me Discussing Kid’s Music on WHYY’s Radio Times this Friday

I’d label this ‘Philly Local’…if it were 1996. But seeing as how it’s going on 2012, you can hear me discuss and debate and defend modern kid’s music as a valid genre of music on Philadelphia’s fine NPR affiliate station WHYY no matter where you lay your hat or make your home. The program is the great Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane and I’ll be on this Friday 12/23 from 10-11am (long form, baby).

In addition to the yappin’, I’ll also be spinning some sweet tunes and, in fact, likely debuting a song from one of kindie’s finest bands.  That’s called a tease, ladies & gentlemen, because I’m a professional media type.

Listen live, call in (that’s right), and/or podcast it (which you should be doing anyway, because Radio Times is more than worth your time each day).

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  1. Yeah, um, if you need to discuss the validity of former Philadelphians now living in Ireland’s children’s music, please remember ol’ Sunflow’s lullabye album from 2008 (oh my goodness that seems so long ago!)
    Happy Holidays!!!

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