Examining Traditions And Skipping the Jersey Shore

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There are many ways to make friends in this world. Buying someone a beer or a good cup of joe is often a quick way to endear yourself to a stranger. Being a thoughtful co-worker also tends to increase your friendship circle exponentially.

One method that might not rank high on a ‘best of’ list for friend cultivation is to suggest that they examine their traditions and to suggest that they skip what is comfortable and normal for something brand new.

*I was never good at making friends.

Listen, I get it, we all have our cherished traditions, some which have been passed down to us, but we must ask ourselves if those customs are simply crutches to avoid stepping out of our comfort zone.

My first post for WHYY Newsworks examines the summer Jersey Shore tradition held sacred by many Philadelphians and dares to offer other possibilities and reasons for skipping the shore this summer. Because when you start writing for a big Philly news institution, it’s good to alienate as many people as possible straightaway. 😉

Take a look at my case for skipping the Jersey Shore to give your kids (and yourself) a more diverse palette of experiences through traveling different corridors together as a family.

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