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See Me, Meet Me, Hear Me in Philly

Why, hello there.

Attention Philly-area moms and dads: Here’s your best chance yet to meet, see, and hear me…like, in person and stuff.

I’ll be speaking at NBC10 Studios in Bala Cynywd on Thursday evening, September 22nd. The topic: Blogging 101.

This is funny for a couple of reasons. While I do blog – technically speaking (OWTK is on a WordPress platform after all) – I cautiously resist the terms blogger and blog to describe me and this. The Mrs. teases me often, asking me “what did my little blogger write on his blog today while I earned us some money?”. With a bit of a wink, I must say I prefer writer and website to blogger and blog. But I also accept graciously author and web magazine. Minor details, I know. To much of the world I am a blogger and a daddy so by default: a daddy blogger. I’m comfortable with that. And to be fair, OWTK is a blog at it’s heart – although it looks way prettier than your average narcissistic e-diary, doesn’t it?

Aaaaaaanyway, come on out to this free event hosted by Tracy Davidson at the NBC10 TV Studios on 9/22 from 6-8pm.  Space appears to be limited, so register now!  Myself along with a couple of other fine bloggers/writers/authors/web-content-creators (like that one?) will dazzle you with our knowledge of blogging and help you get your own blog (or web magazine) off the ground.

See you there!

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