If Only The Others Were Here — The Story Of Snow White Told Anew At The Arden Theatre in Philadelphia

Arden Theatre Snow White 2018

The post-show discussion with the actors of the Arden’s Snow White.

We’ve seen many a great all-ages play and musical at the Arden Theatre in Old City Philadelphia, with many a great actor [waves hi to Ben Dibble & Alex Keiper & Jeffrey Coon & Rachel Camp!] gracing the stage, but the Arden’s Snow White cast of two, Nastassja Whitman & Doug Hara, delivered the most charged, nimble & joyful performance I’ve ever witnessed in Philadelphia.

Theirs is a retelling of the Snow White story, the truth of the fiction, the honest version of the fairy tale. And it’s glorious to behold. I felt and still feel rather fortunate to have been in the room where it happened this past Saturday afternoon, with my teen daughter by my side.

The Arden’s Snow White (extended through June 10, 2018) is staged on an unmoved set — hardwood flooring, a single tree spreading wildly in the corner, a humble cottage home in another — in the smaller space upstairs at the Arden. There are subtle alterations made to the lighting above and behind the set which serve as the emotional and physical change of scenery during the 70 minute production. We’re trapped like a rat inside the high castle walls with young Snow eager to see the world outside, we’re scampering nervously through the woods she’s been conditioned to fear, we’re warm and safe and peacefully at home in the forest dwelling belonging to seven hard-working dwarfs; all with delicate shifts in the hue and intensity of blues, greens and soft whites employed by the Arden’s Snow White set & light designers.

Its a nifty trick for young eyes, but not quite as nifty as what Whitman and Hara pull off alone together on stage.

Arden Theatre Snow White 2018

The post-show discussion with the actors of the Arden’s Snow White.

The skilled actors, one a newcomer to this theatrical sliver of Old City Philly, the other a notable veteran of both Arden stages, humorously break the fourth wall early in the show to let audiences young and old in on their secret: this story requiring a minimum of 8 will be played by a pair who will seamlessly swap roles by trading nothing more fancy than a tattered waist-high aquamarine apron and beige silk headscarf, with the movement of a single flat cap upon a bald head, and with a contagious excitement visible on stage in the form of earnest smiles, sharp humor, and a passionate eagerness to tell the familiar story of Snow White in a new way, for a new generation just finding their live theater sea legs.

I’ve said before that the Arden Theatre is the best place for families in the Philadelphia area to experience live theater. The Arden’s Snow White continues the tradition of greatness, cleverness and accessibility for all.

Arden Theatre Snow White 2018

No stage door lingering and hoping here, audiences get to meet the actors after the show at all Arden children’s performances.

I took just my 14 year old theater lover, a notable veteran herself of seats facing both Arden stages and now of Broadway houses, and she loved the Arden’s Snow White every bit as much as I did. Don’t be Sleepy and miss the chance to experience this lovely retelling of the famous Snow White story this spring.

Arden Theatre Snow White 2018

Snow White is on the Arden Theatre’s Arcadia Stage through June 10, 2018.

*Tickets for Friday evening performances are 50% off with code: APPLE.

Find the date and time that works best in your family’s schedule this spring and then make a date to spend a little over an hour with Nastassja Whitman & Doug Hara, with Snow White, and with all seven of the dwarfs.

Snow White Apple Offer

The Arden graciously provided my teen and I with tickets to enjoy the show in consideration for coverage on the site and/or social media. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. This is a sweet, funny show staged beautiful and acted with care, precision and grace. This is truly Arden for All and should be enjoyed by all before it closed on June 10th.

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