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Not Kid’s Music Recommendation: MyNameIsJohnMichael

After I spoke at the NBC 10 Blogging 101 event last night, I remained in the city for a very good reason: MyNameIsJohnMichael, a 7-piece rock-n-roll outfit from the Big Easy was in town!  Yeah, I grabbed myself some Lorenzo’s pizza too but that was just a bonus.

Having been turned on to this brassalicious band this summer by Paste Magazine and Jeff Giles of Popdose/Dadnabbit, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch ’em live.  That I was already near the North Star Bar, well, that was just peachy keen.

The show was sparsely attended – and that’s a hideous understatement – so it was kinda like sitting in on a band rehearsal which was cool for me but not so much for a big band on tour.  Way to go, Philly.  You’ll regret that the same way currently regret not showing for Vampire Weekend on multiple occasions before they hit it big.

I cannot recommend MyNameIsJohnMichael enough, and as you know I have impeccable taste in music. I spoke with John Michael Rouchell a bit before his set and he’s seems a gracious chap.  As you may already be aware, I place a lot of value on the people behind the music I fall in love with.  I demand good folks be behind the good music I spin.  See: Dawes.  I think I can safely say MyNameIsJohnMichael qualifies as well.  Exciting stuff!

3 horn players, 1 wicked organ, thumping bass and drums, and a singer with gusto; one hell of a musical gumbo!  Check ’em for free by grabbing a pair of complimentary songs from their forthcoming album:

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