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I’m Going To Miss This When She Gets Older

Bear and I at the Haim Concert Tower Theater Philly May 14 2014

Haim live on the Tower Theater stage from the orchestra while they play “The Wire”. Philly, May 14 2014. Photo taken with the HTC One M8 dual capture feature.

On the way down to see HAIM, the middle show in my biographical month of music, the Bear says to me, “Daddy, I’m going to miss doing this when [Mouse] gets older.” She went on to elaborate, “when she grows up, she’ll want to come out with us and it won’t be just the two of us anymore. I love hanging out with her, but I’ll miss this.”

Luckily, I’d bought a fresh box of Kleenex for the car earlier in the day, because, damn, there’s no gut punch quite like one coming from a sentimental child smack dab in the middle of growing up.

I’d miss it too, darling, I would, but it’ll never change if you never stop wanting to go out for late-night, mid-week rock shows with your dad. Never.

Haim Tower Theater Philly May 14 2014 from Loge Seats

Haim live on the Tower Theater stage from our Loge seats. Philly, May 14 2014.

Haim 2014 Record Store Day Forever Vinyl

Never mind that, on the way home from the show, at 10:30pm as she struggled to keep her eyes open to fully recap Haim’s setlist and confirm that we both really enjoyed the 1/2 hour of music provided by Tennis, the Bear humorously recounted the profane between-song banter the Haim sisters sprinkled into their 1+ hour on stage. [gulp]

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