Which Budweiser #MadeInAmericaFest Would You Pick?

I sometimes think my family should keep an apartment in L.A. Nothing fancy. I’m not talking Los Feliz or Santa Monica. I’d settle for Culver City. It’s not that we’re jetsetters, not exactly although we’re inching closer to that kind of ridiculous status with what we have planned for the 2nd half of 2014, but we’ve waved goodbye to Philly for the city of Angels a half dozen times in the past 18 months, including trips to the past two Grammy Awards, shedding not a tear on our way towards palm trees and kale smoothies.

This year, those two cities, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, will simultaneously play host to the Budweiser Made In America Fest on Labor Day Weekend. When it all goes down, it’ll be the first time in American music festival history that the same musical event took place concurrently in two different locations. In a Live Aid-esque feat of modern day time travel, some of the same acts rise up to perform at both Budweiser Made In America Fests, including Yeezus himself, Kayne West.

In looking at the two Budweiser Made In America Fest lineups, from where I come from musically, I’d give the slight edge to L.A. I mean, they’ve somehow managed to get Philly’s beloved Dr. Dog which is icing on an already tasty Weezer cake. Plus, they the L.A. stage will feature Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar, and you just know the rapper will throw it down with the popular rock band in Grand Park just as he did on the Staples Center Grammy stage this past February. That’ll be hot.

Don’t discount the City of Brotherly Love though, who will trot out The National, Spoon, Kings of Leon, Girl Talk, and Mr. Happy, Pharrell Williams. The city’s own Mayer Hawthorne will also have hips swaying and folks getting all kinds of happy on the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly-town.


Would kindie rock family side-stages make the fests even more amazing? Yeah, of course they would but we’re taking baby steps in the campaign for kindie legitimacy.

Proceeds from both the Los Angeles and Philly editions of the Budweiser Made In America Fest will benefit the United Way chapters in each area. So some good will come from all the good music and good times.

Buy your tickets to the Budweiser Made In America Fest now:

2 day tickets for LA

Single day ticket for LA – Saturday, August 30

Single day ticket for LA – Sunday, August 31

2 day tickets for PHILLY

Single day ticket for PHILLY – Saturday, August 30

Single day ticket for PHILLY – Sunday, August 31

If you could pick one of the two cities to attend the Budweiser Made In America Fest this Labor Day Weekend, which would it be: L.A. or Philly? And which band(s) would you most want to elbow your way (politely, of course) to the front to see up close and personal? Gimme L.A. for Dr. Dog alone. They are AMAZING live.

*This post has been sponsored by Markerly and the Budweiser Made In America Fest. All opinions are my own.

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