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ONE TRACK MIND: Synonym Toast “Synonym Toast”


As a writer, I often say frustratingly that I’m in the midst of an adjective problem.  An issue.  A conundrum.  [get it?]

As a reviewer, and as a parent of a burgeoning reader and storyteller, I’m hyper aware of the need to find new ways of saying “this is great!” and “we had a fantastic time”.  Enter synonyms.  I’ve got Merriam-Webster bookmarked on my Firefox toolbar.  And you should too.

Jeff Warren’s title track from his debut kindie album is a bluesy stroll through a pocket thesaurus that takes full advantage of a dramatic female backup singer. It’s no small feat, fitting words like lexicon, expeditious, and lethargic – even vocabulary is a mouthful! –  but Warren manages to make a cornucopia of similar words sing-songy, catchy and fun. In short, this is great! We had a fantastic time!

Here’s a quick example of Warren’s verbosity on the title track “Synonym Toast”:

“So instead of saying big you’d say gigantic, tremendous or humongous or titanic /
Use jumbo or colossal when you can, and don’t forget about gargantuan.”

That’s wickedly awesome.

There’s also a Word Girl online game of the same name.  Let your little wordsmith give that a spin while your spinning Jeff Warren’s “Synonym Toast”. I’m pretty sure this is exactly how William Carlos Williams got started.

*OWTK received a copy of “Synonym Toast” for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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