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ONE TRACK MIND: Always Saturday “Snow Cones in the Sun”


Ah, similes.  Is there an occupation more adaptable to a good simile than parenting?  Like the summer season and, well, snow cones in the sun, the time we get with our bundles of joy is sickeningly brief.  It’s why folks keep popping ’em out; to relive the first smile, first belly to back roll, first giggle, first crawl.

Always Saturday captures the emotion of becoming fully aware of the fleeting nature of relationships parental, friendly, & romantic alike with deceptive ambiguity.  This cleverly allows the listener to insert their own life experience into the song.  At the same time, there is enough specific imagery that a child who has not yet been scarred by the quickness of a clock’s little hand will find “Snow Cones in the Sun” tasty and sweet. Even if we’re a bit checked out recalling the softness of an old flame’s hair between our fingers.

If you dig fellow Atlanta-based melodic kindie rockers The Baby Grands, you will likely be into Always Saturday’s debut batch of sunny songs & stories, the double-CD “Love is Plural” (each song has an accompanying story on the 2nd disc).

*OWTK received “Love is Plural” for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.

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