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ONE TRACK MIND: Rudy Trubitt (Sippy Cups) “Wear My Pajamas To School”


I’ve got this nagging fear.  I’m not certain that I had it as a school-age child, but I most certainly have it now involving my school-age child.

Every so often – and if you have kids that go to school or a daycare of some kind you are likely in the know on this – the Bear will have a Pajama Day.  Other than Ice Cream Sundae Day or Whack Your Principal With A Stick Day, Pajama Day is just about the most exciting day on a 7-year old’s academic calendar.

Here’s my issue: as we are driving to school, she in her favorite nightgown (warm weather) or comfy flannel (wintertime), I’m seeing calendar squares, dates and memos swirling around me.  It’s like I’m trapped in a Tim Burton dream sequence.  Is Pajama Day really today?  Or is it next Tuesday?  Is the Bear going to be the only one in PJs, is everyone going to laugh, to stare, to mock and point!!!  The self-doubt over the precise date of such events sends me into near-panic.

Rudy Trubitt, of Sippy Cups fame, captures all of this (sorta) in his first post-Sippy Cups single “Wear My Pajamas To School”.  The paranoid daddy’s POV isn’t expressed specifically but the lyric “No matter what they say / it’s gonna be okay / ’cause your gonna wear yours too” sums up my relief pulling into the drop off line and spying other children in their bedtime best.  It is, without a doubt, the only time I want my children to be like other kids.  And it, like many other things in my life including this ONE TRACK MIND post, is. all. about. me.

Trubitt is only one pant leg into his post-Sippy Cups footie pajamas but “Wear My Pajamas To School” is one heck of a comfy start. It’s well worth the $.99 to download.

*OWTK was provided a copy of “Wear My Pajamas To School” for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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