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ONE TRACK MIND: Kiddle Karoo “Silly Monsters”

I write a lot about music the whole family can enjoy together, maybe for different reasons, but still all on the same page listening to the same tunes and having an outstanding time…together.  The shared experience great all-ages music and media affords is important to me and should be, me thinks, important to you.

Today’s ONE TRACK MIND single deviates from the script a bit.  File Kiddle Karoo’s “Silly Monsters” under ‘Music (& Videos) Kid’s Will Love, But Parents May Take A Pass On’ or M(&V)KWLBPMTAPO, if that’s simpler.


Puppets are the new guitars!  Okay, maybe not but there’s just something about a big, fuzzy, professional-grade puppet that gets me all nostalgic.  No, I didn’t grow up inside a puppet factory or a house of ventriloquism, but you know Sesame Street, The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, and above all else Muppet Babies, were pretty vital to me – and zillions of others – as a wee lad.

Kiddle Karoo is the persona/band name of Lisa Clyde a SoCal birthday party entertainer and kid’s musician.  It’s like Ashley Albert of The Jimmies started working on The Street (wait, that doesn’t quite sound right).  “Silly Monsters”, from her debut CD “Silly Monster House Party”, is a minor key monster mash dance fest that despite being a tad cheeky is enjoyed by everyone in my house. There are overtones of spookiness in the video (below) but the vibrantly colored characters and Clyde’s engaging smile make for toddler (and at least this one daddy) delight.

Enjoy “Silly Monsters” by Kiddle Karoo:

*OWTK received a copy of “Silly Monster House Party” and a stuffed animal for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased. And that stuffed animal, Kikki, is freakin’ adorable!

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