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Kid’s Toy Review: Squiggles Ocean and Squiggle Style (RandomLine)

I briefly meet the folks at RandomLine in February during the hectic NYC Toy Fair ’11. I had only a few moments with them, but that was enough to confidently state that the maker of the hit drawing product Squiggles is upping the ante in 2011 with a huge slate of artistic products bearing the distinctive Squiggle stamp of ‘happy accidents meets jump-started drawings’.

My girls have tested and enjoyed Squiggles On The Go – Oceans which features a compact square drawing pad with a dash (a Squiggle) pre-printed on each sheet, a small pencil and a spinner.  The idea is that your child will finish the drawings, turning that random curvy line into a sea turtle, whale, coral reef, clown fish, etc.  It’s clever, imaginative and very close to never ending fun in the car, at a restaurant – anywhere, anytime.

The big hit from our time with RandomLine products was Squiggle Style with it’s dry erase board and multiple spinners.  The Bear and Mouse both love the challenge of drawing new outfits for the shadow figure model on the dry erase board and I appreciate that it’s not a total glam fest.  In fact, it’s much more like actual fashion designing than similar products on the market.  The package also comes with a 6-pack of colored markers each with an eraser on it’s tip and then closes up neatly and securely with the markers, spinners, and dry erase board all tucked inside.  Brilliant for travel or just keeping the house orderly.

Ever since Beautiful Oops, the Mrs. and my girls have been playing their own version of Squiggles on paper and on Magna Doodles.  That there exists a product focused on this idea is cool because it lets the girls play independently.  Hooray for RandomLine and for Squiggles!

*OWTK received samples of Squiggles on the Go Oceans and Squiggle Style for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are unbiased and honest.

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