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MY STUFFIE @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

As I remarked 2 years ago, NYC Toy Fair is filled with many, many suits but also with many innovators, inventors, and passionate moms and dads pouring themselves into their product trying hard to live the entrepreneurial dream.  No matter how big OWTK gets and what special invitations I receive from the ‘big boys and girls’, I will always care more about those hard working folks ringing up credit card debt chasing down their dreams.  I lived that life over a decade ago, and I admire anyone and everyone who gives it a go – throwing pebbles against the corporate machine in an effort to carve out a little space for themselves and their product (or service).

With that setup, meet My Stuffie.  What parent doesn’t have a severe stuffed animal problem: on the floor, all over the bed, EVERYWHERE!  My Stuffie, a Long Island mom-created plush product, aims to aid you in this all-too-common predicament.  With an easy-to-use Velcro-closure in the back of the cute puppy dog (image above), your kids may just get excited about straightening up their bedroom and the playroom and the hallway…

The My Stuffie Puppy holds up to 50 regular-sized stuffed animals, so it’s likely that 1 of these cute pups will solve your plush problem.

The price point needs to be brought down from it’s lofty $47.95, but the idea here is a good one.  More animals are in store, including a cat and a pig.  Buy a My Stuffie puppy now, here.

*OWTK was not compensated in any way for this post.

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