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The 2011 KidVid Championship Game – Today Only!

Keller Williams “Hula Hoop To The Loop” vs. Sugar Free Allstars “Cars and Trucks”

It all comes down to this.  All the sweat and sacrifice, blood and tears has lead two great teams…er, three fantastic musicians to the title bout of the 2011 KidVid Tournament.  You’ve got only one day to vote for your family’s favorite kid’s music video of the past 12 months, and that day is TODAY!  So head on over to Zooglobble right now, watch these two worthy videos, and vote!

Thanks to all 32 kindie artists for making such wonderful family-friendly videos – counterbalancing in some small way the abundance of poop & stupidity on You Tube.  Thanks to Stefan at Zooglobble for allowing OWTK to be a part of this year’s tournament.  Thanks to all of you who came to OWTK and voted in the 1st and 2nd round matchups.  Thanks to my 5th grade trumpet instructor…wait a sec, nevermind – you let me quit!  I was thatclose to getting all of the references in Sugar Free Allstars “6th Grade Band”.


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