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2011 KidVid Tournament – 2nd Round (Ella Jenkins Regional)

Welcome back to the 2011 KidVid Tournament!  Hope you’ve been playing along, watching ALL the videos, and voting your conscience.

OWTK’s 2nd round matchup comes out of the Ella Jenkins Regional.  The #4 seed Sugar Free Allstars “Cars and Trucks” upset John & Mark’s dazzling “A Counting Error” video and will now take on The Not-Its’ “Green Light, Go!” which held off Essie Jain’s “What a Big Wide World”.  The winner goes to The Final Four in Phoenix, um, well in an online sorta way.

Need a refresher on these videos, head to Dadnabbit where Jeff Giles broke it all down last week.

The Not-Its “Green Light, Go!”


Sugar Free Allstars “Card and Trucks”

Okay, so hopefully you watched both videos even if you’re already a hardcore fan of one of the bands – ’cause it’s good to discover great new music, ya know? Now the fun part…vote! (1 vote per family). Votes are due by midnight tonight (Tuesday the 29th) East Coast time.

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