Zooglobble KidVid Tournament

The 2012 Zooglobble KidVid Tournament Sweet Sixteen

Everybody loves an upset, and we got one here in this Sweet Sixteen matchup of kindie powerhouses. Princess Katie & Racer Steve will advance to the elite eight next week!

Aaaaaaaand we’re back for another KidVid tourney game [queue crazed-fan/buzzer-beater-shot montage and hip alt-rock sound clip].

The original field of 32 kid’s music videos has now been narrowed down to a very sweet sixteen. Yesterday’s contests went 100% chalk when Caspar Babypants and Renee & Jeremy, the #1 and #2 seeds out of the Ella Jenkins region, advanced to the elite eight.

Today features two more battles, both from the Woody Guthrie Region. The first is posted below and the other is taking place today over at Hilltown Families.  Vote today, because there is no tomorrow (metaphorically speaking, of course).  Keep up to date on the whole 2012 Zooglobble KidVid Tournament here.

#1 Elizabeth Mitchell “Ong Tal Sam”


  #4 Princess Katie & Racer Steve “Sand in My Sandwich”

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