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June Music Video Therapy

We’ve got some heavyweights in this edition of the Music Video Therapy session!

Hey, school’s out, you’re gonna need something to occupy the kiddos! Sit back and enjoy five terrific videos from the world of kindie music. Oh, and this just in! Entertainment Weekly has the premiere of “Shrimp” from Recess Monkey. Let me just say that we want a tiny Drew Holloway to keep in our breadbox too!

Lunch Money “Spicy Kid” from Spicy Kid

Lunch Money made a video! Lunch Money made a video!! Lunch Money made a video!!! After four albums and many years, South Carolina’s delightfully adorable quirk-pop band have made a video. And boy is it a great one, for the title track of their latest album.

Elska “Midnight Sun in the Arctic” from Middle of Nowhere

Elska’s debut album still has legs thanks to slowly rolled our videos from it, like this one shot on location in Iceland. Like the song, the videos is filled with colors, shadows, and grace.

Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower “Sail Away Ladies” from Turn Turn Turn (due August 27th)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Pay attention to the players in this homemade video and NOT the adorable doggy named Yuki. You lose. Yuki wins.

Underbirds “Here Comes My Friend” from Underbirds

The first video from the great Underbirds album could be subtitled: “Two Grown Men Singing In a Tree, With Neither Looking Directly Into The Camera.” Gosh I adore this song, and just about this entire album.

Caspar Babypants “Stump Hotel” from I Found You!

Your kid like bugs? Do they dream of a career in hospitality management? This is for them. You’re welcome.

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