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ONE TRACK MIND: Moona Luna “Brinca Jump!” featuring Dan Zanes


“Brinca Jump!”, the standout track from Moona Luna’s debut kid’s CD “Pinata Party!”, drops you smack dab into the center of a open air city street party. And wouldn’t you know it, Dan Zanes is there! The sound of laughing children, a steady backbeat and a groovy accordion let you know two things straightaway 1) that you’re going to really enjoy the next 2 1/2 minutes of your life and 2) it’s way to freakin’ cold outside right now.

Moona Luna is the kindie alter-ego of Pistolera, an Alt.Latin American quartet from Brooklyn.  In Moona Luna, the exact same four players are involved so the music is, as you’d imagine, very authentic and very danceable. The only difference are the lyrics, which in Moona Luna are all-ages-friendly and bilingual.

When this slushy winter passes, “Brina Jump!” is going to be a featured track in many a summertime playlist. When it’s on I can almost feel the vibrations from the crack of a wooden baseball bat and the roar of the crowd, see the steam rising up from the asphalt, and hear the refrain “I like to jump to cool my feet, woh-oh!” floating out of front windows across Brooklyn and beyond.

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