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HOUSE OF INGRI @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

House of Ingri, a NYC-based family owned outfit fresh off their Toy Fair debut, has recently entered the Ugly Doll/Kid Robot market of cute-but-odd plush toys and books.  The passion Ingri and her husband have for their creation was obvious after just 10 seconds of conversation.  It’s the kind of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit that’s undeniably thrilling to witness and contagious to be around (as I’ve discussed before). Their dolls have personalities, poems on their tags, and faux-suede backsides (freakin’ adorable!) that, had my Bear and Mouse seen ’em in person, would’ve totally sold them on their lovableness.

While the Monkey Twins Miko and Moki are supercute, my favorite House of Ingri character is Francis Love Bunny, with her bright red over-sized heart and pair of french-onion-soup-crock-handle ears offset to the right.

The House of Ingri dolls made their 1st trip to Toy Fair last week, but they’ve already appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, on the shelves of FAO Schwartz and the MoMA store, and in book form (Me! Me! ABC). If your parenting style involves swerving out of the way of licensed dolls and TV-show stuffed animals, check out the brand new House of Ingri line Francis & Friends.

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