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HEXBUGS @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

The bugs are still small, but my how they’ve grown!

I first learned of HEXBUGS and introduced them to you two years ago, after NYC Toy Fair ’09.  That was well before they snagged over 4 feet of eye-level shelf space at Toys-r-Us and Target!  Two years later, the brand continues to grow with innovative robotic toys that aren’t marketed to boys or girls specifically (thank you very much).  Instead, the primary color and soon-to-arrive Glow in the Dark creepy crawlers are fair game for both genders – LOVE THAT!

I also admire that the HEXBUG Nano subset of robots inject of a bit of science into the product.  It’s only a small complimentary feature of the tiny vibrating bugs, but Newton and Galileo are featured not in name alone.

Key takeaways from the HEXBUG 2011 lineup.

  • The HEXBUG Spiders are the coolest product they’ve come up with to date: your kid will freak for the freaky methodical movements and 360-degree swivel head. Numerous Spiders can be controlled on one channel frequency using a single remote control meaning that – and this is the 1st thing I visualized when I saw two of them in action together – you can line up a gaggle of these oversized HEXBUGS and march them straight into your brother’s Halo encampment or your sister’s Polly Pocket village.  That’s right, a big ass Spider death march!

  • Glow in the Dark Nano and Nano habitats (due Spring 2011) are out of these world cool.  Turn off the lights and have a blast with your HEXBUGS…and (added, unadvertised benefit) drive your cat bonkers!

All of the HEXBUG Nano habitats are compatible with each other.  This means that once the Glow-in-the-dark version hits toy store shelves, you can incorporate those pieces into your standard Nano play set.  Imagine a 1/2 light, 1/2 dark arrangement with your Nano collection?  Cool, no?  Also, register your NANO collection online to play games and learn about some real science.

HEXBUGS continue to impress with their mix of technology, style and collect-ability.  And it’s not just me!  The micro robotic toys were just awarded the 2011 Specialty Toy of the Year Award by the Toy Industry Association.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a HEXBUGS Nintendo DS game, iPhone app, and/or movie in the near future.  The bugs would also shine in comic book format.

*OWTK was not compensated in any way for this post.

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