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COLORFORMS @ NYC Toy Fair 2011

60 years.

60 freakin’ years!

That’s a long time for a single product to stick around yet that’s exactly the anniversary the classic toy Colorforms is celebrating this year. A limited edition Colorforms 60th anniversary edition in a sleek black box is due out in Spring 2011.   There will be a limited number of sets, each individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, that will be made available this year.   The set includes 350 Stick-Ons™ of five different colors in a lovely spiral bound book, reversible two-sided play board and presentation case featuring Colorforms’ history.

Also exciting from the Colorforms brand is not a Colorform at all! It’s a musical paintbrush that uses a lil’ (read: safe) electrical current to bring paint (or water, which is what I tested it with) to life with a wide range of sound. Draw a piano, then dazzle your friends as you paint across the keys and – while still holding down the Brush with Genius paintbrush – tap down all over the line of paint and hear a variety of tones. So. Freakin’. Cool.  [comes complete with a simple watercolor paint tray]

How about Colorforms in the bathtub?  Yep, that’s coming too.  The new Bathscapes – available initially in mermaid or pirate varieties –  are due out in Fall of this year ($19.99) and look very fun.  I’ve never met a kid that didn’t like playing in the tub.  These Bathscapes will allow children to set up an entire scene on the wall of your bathroom.

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