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Kid’s Toy Review: Colorforms Brush With Genius

Yes, you’re encouraged to touch the paint or water or whatever you dip the brush into.

Once you’re over that, the fun begins.  Okay, you also have to come to terms with the itsy-bitsy, tiny current that will run through your child while playing with this toy.  After that, good times!  Seriously, there is nothing harmful here as far as I can tell, just good clean (well, maybe not – your kid after all will be painting and touching the paint as they go) fun.  Brush of Genius from the classic Colorforms brand is so flippin’ cool in concept and execution.

Slap in a pair of AA batteries (not included) and let your kiddo get all musical while they paint their next watercolor masterpiece (water color paint tray included). The pitch of the music changes as their finger gets closer to the bristles of the paintbrush. Paint a keyboard and play it! Paint a birdie and make it sing! Simply keep the brush in contact with the paper and a finger touching the metal strip on the neck of the brush and you’ll be amazed by the flexibility of the sound that comes out. For extra cool points, have a little sibling touch the painter’s hand and then have them tap the paint on the paper – it still makes sound!

Yeah, the novelty will eventually wear off but fortunately it’ll still be a spiffy and easy to hold paintbrush for even small hands.

The Colorforms 60th Anniversary Fine Art Contest for kids 3-12 has some sweet prizes up for grabs, including Art Camp scholarships and a $500 U.S. Treasury Bond. Contest runs through 9/15/11, so have your kiddo spend a bit of time this summer working on something snazzy then submit their piece of art for a chance to win.

*OWTK received a sample Brush With Genius for review consideration. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased.

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