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The Only Funko Pop Announcement We Want: Over The Garden Wall Funko Pop! Figures

Over the garden wall

As the London toy Fair rolls on, Funko is announcing more and more Pop! figures and series on their blog, Pop! figures that will be added to their massive vinyl library in 2017.

There will be Funko Pop! Looney Tunes, Space Jam, MSTK3K, Reservoir Dogs, Retro Video Game Minis, Lord of the Rings, Twin Peaks, Captain Underpants, and Mr. Robot figures (and so much more) but there’s only one announcement we want to see (and since the London reveals have now concluded, it looks like we’ll wait some more):


I don’t know what critical mass a show, game or movie needs to reach in order to trigger the Funko Pop! vinyl mechanism but judging by Hot Topic’s shelves, Over The Garden Wall has certainly reached the point in our culture where Over The Garden Wall Funko Pop! figures would sell at a good enough rate to justify their production. Just take our money. TAKE IT, Funko!

My girls and I have taken the liberty of listing all the characters and variants we’d like to see in the Funko Pop! Over The Garden Wall collection. Yes, we may have gone a weeeeee bit overboard:

Candy Camouflage Greg
Drum Me In The Face Greg
Pumpkin Foot Greg
Rock Fact Rock Greg
Potatoes and Molasses Greg
Eating Leaves Greg
Greg with Dr. Cucumber/Wirt Jr/Mr. President/George Washington/Jason Funderberker
Wirt with Beatrice (on his shoulder)
Wirt with Poetry and Clarinet ‘For Sara’ Cassette (regular clothes)
Wirt with Bassoon
Beatrice (human) with Spoon of ‘Dirt’
Bumble Bee Costume Sara
Adelaide with Golden Scissors
Lorna (as spirit) with Wirt Jr. (Glowing)
Lorna with Broom
Auntie Whispers with Turtle
Fred the Talking Horse
Cloud City Reception Committee 3-pack
Two Old Cats (2-pack)
Quincy Endicott
Miss Langtree
No Good Jimmy Brown (in Gorilla Costume)
Tavern Kepper
The Highway Man
Master & Apprentice (2-pack)
Woodsmen with Lantern
The Beast

OTGW hardcore fans: what/who are we missing from our wish list?

Everyone else: If you made it this far and have no idea what I’m banging on about here, it’s time you watched the greatest animation series ever. It is time to indulge in the weird, charming, deep, hilarious, gorgeous looking and sounding 10 episodes of Over the Garden Wall (and then go get the 4 interstitial comic books that fill in some gaps between episodes). Finally, after you’ve fallen in love with the strange, sweet beauty of Over the Garden Wall, buy the music of Over the Garden Wall on outrageously stunning harvest colored vinyl.

We now invite you to wait patiently with us for Funko to deem Over the Garden Wall worthy of Pop! figure treatment. We’ve got our credit card ready, Funko. Your move.

Over the garden wall

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