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ONE TRACK MIND: Vogeljoy “Jenny Jenkins”


The girth of the Federal government, Wall Street regulation, DADT, Bristol Palin’s Tea-Party-driven success on Dancing with the Stars, and kid’s singing on CDs; five of the most divisive issues facing America today.  I’m not sure how our northerly neighbors feel about any of these hot button issues, but it’s clear that Ontario’s Vogeljoy lovingly embraces the last one.

Vogeljoy’s debut album “We Have A Band” is not short on pint-sized voices.  As you might have guessed from the press photo above, the Canadian outfit is a true family band and as such the kids (ages 6, 4 & 2) are heavily involved.  The results are a mixed bag, but one track that definitely benefits from the presence of a youngster is their cover of “Jenny Jenkins”, a song performed as a duet by daughter Louisa and her papa.

Fans of kids music old and new will likely be familiar with this number;  Jerry Garcia and David Grisman recorded it for “Not for Kids Only” (where it’s also the lead track) and, more recently, Lisa Loeb attempted to find out if Ms. Jenkins would wear red (oh my dear, oh my dear) on a non-album mp3 single.

I thoroughly enjoy Vogeljoy’s energy and piano playing here.  The tune, like most of the album from which it comes, has a ragtimey, old-Broadway feel to it.  And Louisa’s singing?  Pretty awesome actually.  She’s comfortable, confident, knows how to sing well on stage, and adorable!

Check out “Jenny Jenkins” by Vogeljoy via this photo montage video for the song:

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