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ONE TRACK MIND: Brendan Parker “Together Like You And Me”

Brendan Parker “Together Like You And Me”

Question: Do you know what, together with your ears, makes a fabulous match?

Answer: The lead track on Brendan Parker’s debut kid’s CD “Spaghetti Eddie! And Other Children’s Songs.”

The song “Together Like You And Me” stretches the analogy of what goes splendidly together (bacon and eggs, mac-n-cheese, thunder and lightning, to name a few) to illustrate the unbridled joy of the parent/child relationship.  Musically, the fully-charged-battery of a song puts punchy horns, power chords, pounding drums, and a few accentuated cymbals crashes to very good use.  If you’ve got a 3-minute drive in your tiny-travel plans, allow me to introduce the perfect soundtrack.

“Together Like You And Me” is pure ear candy that’ll get the entire minivan singing along faster than you can go 0 to 60.   And there isn’t anything that pairs up nicer with a drive in the family car than extremely happy children.

Sample/buy the song (and the whole album) on iTunes or CDBaby.

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