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ONE TRACK MIND: Aaron Joseph “City Kitty”


Many a songwriter during the past 40+ years has relied on Paul McCartney as a muse.  Aaron Joseph may very well cite the stately Brit as an inspiration figure too, although such influence is not entirely obvious throughout much his debut “A Band Of Our Own”.   McCartney’s fingerprints, however, are all over the lead track “City Kitty”, a sweet Beatles-y tune with a surprisingly addictive, egg-timer of a beat that’s adorned with strings, meows, and a smattering of flutes.  When Joseph sings the verse “What do you do when you’re only a kitty cat / do you have friends in the zoo?” you’ll swear your hearing Sir Paul.  It’s a fantastic tune, especially if you, like us, have a cuddly lil’ kitty yawning and stretching around the house.

*As I was typing that last sentence, my adorable orange tabby knocked over a vase which smashed to bits on the kitchen’s tile floor.  No kidding.

In spite of my own feline’s lack of grace, enjoy “City Kitty” and the rest of the cuts from Aaron Joseph’s debut kindie album “A Band Of Our Own”:

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