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Kindie Greatness Comes to Philly

My favorite kindie rock songwriter is coming back to Philadelphia this weekend. Yay!

Justin Roberts and the Not Ready For Naptime Players
visit World Cafe Live on Saturday 10/23 @ 11:30 A.M. as part of the venue’s fine Peanut Butter & Jams weekly kids concert series.  Expect a stellar mix of new hits (“New Haircut” and, without a doubt, “Trick or Treat” among them) and old favorites (“Willy Was A Whale”, “Meltdown” are likely) when Roberts’ & Co. rock out for your family and mine.

What we probably won’t hear is the contemplative “Sign My Cast”…unless World Cafe Live can produce a piano on the stage (please do!).  In lieu of that, watch Roberts’ and producer/multi-instrumentalist Liam Davis perform the tune from “Jungle Gym” live in Georgia earlier this Fall (and yes, I’ve already posted about this video, but it’s so damn good I’m sharing it again):

I need to temper every OWTK appearance announcement with an “assuming we’re all healthy” statement, because we 4 cannot seem to pull that off at the same time lately. So, baring WSPs (The Bear’s initials for: wet, slimey poopy) or bad backs (that’s all me), or anything else we can contract between now and Saturday morning, WE WILL BE THERE…goddammit!

And really, if you’ve got kids between ages 2 and 8 and will be anywhere near Philly this weekend, you should come too. You absolutely will not have a bad time at a Justin Roberts kids concert. Get your tickets here.

If you cannot make it this Saturday, remember that WCU Live! is bringing Justin and the band to West Chester, PA on Saturday, February 5th 2011! Super Yay! Tickets for that ’11 show are available here.

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