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Are Smartphones the New Pacifiers?

What ever happened to a box of crayons & a pad of paper, Invisible Ink books, Magna Doodles? Or, god forbid, family conversation.

Do kids need to be numbed and pacified during every step of life – at home, in the car, at the restaurant, at baseball games (yes, I saw a dad and his 8-year old son once at a Phillies game –  kid was playing a hand held video game the whole time.  Ah, the national pastime as Father/Son experience is alive and well!) Let’s make sure our children’s heads are never up observing the world, taking part in conversations, learning the subtleties of human interaction, etc.

Regarding this gem of a commercial from AT&T (grumble, grumble)…don’t even get me started on the patsy Dad angle propagated here, as it is so often on TV as well as in “Parenting” magazines (meaning, of course, Mom magazines).

This one with the dad, the crying kid, Luke Wilson, and the AT&T smartphone pisses me off each and every time in comes on, which during the NCAA tournament, is about every 20 minutes.

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  1. OH you are so right! I see it in my our own family, sorry to say.
    But you keep own going, you are doing a great job!.

  2. I struggle with this myself. There are times when I thank god for Plants Vs. Zombies for the iPhone–like when we had to wait 1 & 1/2 hours at the hair place last weekend to get the Potato a hair cut. After about 40 mins., I was ready to give the stylist my phone!

    But when he asks to play on my phone even when all we’re doing is waiting in line to pay somewhere, it makes me just want to throw it out the window.

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