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Recalibrating Your Relationship With Your Phone

At one point they didn’t exist and then poof, suddenly smartphones were a thing. A thing we all suddenly had in our purses, pockets and palms.

That was like, what, a dozen years ago? A blink of the eye, really.

So smartphones are basically tweens and sometimes we don’t have a clue what to do with tweens. Same goes for our phones. Xfinity Mobile has recognized that, sure, smartphones are rad and can truly make life better (see also: tweens) and that we, and I do absolutely mean all of us, have never fully recalibrated our lives to accommodate for healthy, productive use of the smart tech we’ve been holding in our hands every single day since the summer of 2007 when the first iPhone was released.

Take the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse With Me and Recalibrate Your Relationship with Your Phone

The Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse is our best first chance to recalibrate and begin to understand our smartphones and how best to manage our relationship with them.

Take the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse With Me and Recalibrate Your Relationship with Your Phone

It’s a 7 day plan created without the unreasonable goal of smartphone abstinence — because that’s simply ridiculous — but rather, with the idea that we’ll learn how to use our smartphones smarter, and with greater effect, all while balancing out the role and weight we give the connected tech in our lives. This is a reboot of your relationship with your phone. And man, do I need this right now. Try as I might, I fail to strike the right balance. Recently, this nearly had disastrous affect.

I’ve been struggling to manage my own phone use, at home especially, when I TOTALLY want to focus only on my family but man if that Twitter stream just won’t quit and oh here’s an idea, let’s just refresh gmail one more time!

Over the past year or so I have been in the habit of disabling Facebook and uninstalling Twitter from my phone when I’m not traveling for work, but then I find myself on Chrome typing in and and I just can’t fully quit it.

I realized that I really need this cleanse last week while I was in Brooklyn, walking a few blocks from the parking garage to the venue where I would see a band I’m completely obsessed with right now. I was on my phone, on Twitter through my phone’s browser (that hurdle isn’t nearly tall enough to deter me from Tweeting!) to tell my followers how excited I was to be walking to the venue to see this band I’m obsessed with right now, when I unknowingly stepped out into the bike lane running alongside the street and nearly got clattered into by a guy zooming past.

It was 100% my fault (and he made certain I was fully aware of that with some fruity language I absolutely deserved). It was thisclose to being a hideous accident in which both of us and his bike probably would have been wrecked. All because my head was in my phone.

Take the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse With Me and Recalibrate Your Relationship with Your Phone

I need to recalibrate. I need the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse. Pronto.

Maybe you do too?

Let’s try the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse together. I’m going to start on July 1 because I read ahead in the clever Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse book and the day 4 step in the cleanse, the step which will land on Independence Day if I start on the 1st, is all about maximizing phone storage which will provide me with more space for new videos of my girls and their cousins leaping into grandma and grandpa’s pool, and playing corn hole (poorly) on July 4th, before two of those cousins move far away later this summer. Being mindful of the content I keep stored on my phone (we all probably have so much clutter and junk taking up precious space and slowing down our phones), and that soon to be freed up space, is just one example of smarter smartphone usage to be delivered by the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse.

And I’m ready for it.

Take the Xfinity Mobile Phone Cleanse With Me and Recalibrate Your Relationship with Your Phone

I’m also ready for a tween cleanse handbook. Waiting…waiting…

*OWTK is partnering with Xfinity to participate in and spread the word of the phone cleanse. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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