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I recently found out about Torch and I’m tickled pink that the brains behind this ingenious family tech device were interested in partnering with (and compensating) me to tell this story about a very modern new tool capable of quelling a very modern worry. All opinions expressed below are honest and unbiased, as always.

Torch Wireless Router Kids with Laptops Phones Tablets

Worry isn’t a novel concept but the way in which we worry in 2015 and the volume of threats we must worry about has expanded exponentially over time. Access to the internet and, by proxy, all that comes with the internet, has replaced ‘don’t touch ANYTHING under the kitchen sink’ as the #1 in-home worry for families. Thankfully, with technological advancements come not only new fears but new tools to take those fears away.

When it comes to your kids and the internet, worry no more, mom and dad. Meet Torch, the child-proof cabinet lock of internet safety. Torch is stylish, smart and will add years to your life…and to your child’s childhood.

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to use those ugly plastic thingamajigs to secure your kitchen cabinets.

Torch Router

Most parents try their best to find a balance of online screen time and offline boredom. I kid, of course. There’s a lot on the internet but there’s still a world of limitless possibilities off it. Kids these days (wags finger, as one does) sometimes push our limits when it comes to the online screen time limits we try to set and police but that is a battle Torch can win for you, like a fireball-throwing lefty out of the pen to close out a ballgame. Torch is a wireless router that allows modern parents, grandparents and other adult guardians to set customized limits on internet time and, more importantly, on internet destinations. As the Torch video below reminds us, there are a multitude of search result possibilities for terms like ‘Happy Ending’ and ‘Tossed Salad’, but this router exists to ensure kids access only the age appropriate versions of those kinds of searches when working on school projects or playing online.

We have access to countless tools designed to make our lives better, safer and more productive, but there’s never been a gadget for modern families quite as elegant, simple and useful as this. Torch is a brand new tool for the digital parenting toolbelt built to make online screen time for kids worry and argument free because even an actively involved dad like myself cannot (and, frankly, does not want to) helicopter over each of my daughters while they are busy Googling terms for a research paper, looking up videos on YouTube to help them practice their instruments or just surfing around for that new toy their friend was talking about at recess. Those innocuous online activities are a potential minefield with double entendres lurking down every shadowy virtual alleyway. Now, I don’t have to worry one bit about giving my growing-up daughters the space and freedom they deserve, not with the Torch wireless router working like a champ to keep them safe online…and online for only the amount of time we’d previously agreed upon; no double entendre dangers and no argumentative pleas for “5 more minutes?????????”


Torch Wireless Router Kids with Phone

Finally, Torch will supply me with a report of what my kids were doing and where they were going on the web, so I can follow up as opposed to hover over which is WAAAAAY more my parenting style.

Torch is simply brilliant and all kinds of handsome too! As a lover of high quality art & design, the Torch router is 1/2 art piece, 1/2 parenting tech dream come true.

Sign up to receive more information about product releases and more on the Torch website or pre-order your own Torch during the Kickstarter campaign.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.

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