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OWTK at NYC Toy Fair 2009

In less than 2 weeks OWTK is heading to the Big Apple to experience, enjoy and share with you Toy Fair ’09!

Can’t yet tell you, with any certainty, what to expect from OWTK during all of this, as I’m still putting the pieces in place. You should, at a minimum, anticipate learning about some of the cool new toys, games and gadgets that our kids will soon be craving.

There will be photos, for sure, and hopefully some funny stories to divulge from the largest toy fair in the Western Hemisphere.

Check out this video from last year’s Fair.
Looks awesome, no?

This is a complex year for the toy industry and thus Toy Fair 2009 should be a rather interesting event. A recession, rising unemployment and recent toy safety concerns all have to be at the forefront of the industry’s collective consciousness. With any luck, OWTK will be able to glean some sort of insight into what the toy/book/video game business is going to look like going forward and how changes/regulations will eventually impact us as parents and consumers.

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