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Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet

There is no shortage of children’s books on the market designed to help young learners enjoy and understand the alphabet. If you have a child, and I presume you do if your reading Out With The Kids, you have most likely received an alphabet book (or four) as a baby shower gift or, at the very least as a 1st birthday present for your tiny tot.

So you may be asking yourself: why should I get excited about, let alone spend my hard earned money on, yet another volume in this exhausted genre? Simple. Because Matthew Van Fleet combines so many things that little ones love, namely adorable animals, touch and feel (2-3 on each page!) and pull slides to create faux-action on the page. Alphabet is the perfect marriage of these tools. The book engages, stimulates, teaches and is a more fun for both child and parent than any other alphabet-related tome I’ve come across in my nearly 5 years as a Dad.

The Mouse’s favorite letter page is N. There she gets to push and pull on the side lever making the baby nightingales cheep in their nest, eyes to the sky, as worms are dangled down from above.

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