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The Zoo's Shoes and Giveaway

The Bear, age 4.7, can now tie her own shoes. This is mostly because she rules but her mastery of one of life’s little challenges was definitely helped by the awfully clever new board book called The Zoo’s Shoes. Within a 1/2 hour of opening the creative shoebox packaging the Bear was both reading the book and helping the Giraffe, Tiger and other zoo friends tie their shoelaces. Incredible.

The Zoo’s Shoes book would make a wonderful gift for a preschooler itching to move away from Velcro and step up to big girl or boy footwear. The format of the book stresses repetition, with it’s bold primary color-coordinated laces, yet does so without ever feeling like the action is a chore. There is also a snazzy You Did It! certificate included for when your child becomes an official shoelacer (completely made-up word by me…just go with it).


This giveaway marks the start of something I hope to continue throughout this holiday season. The economy sucks and so you may not have as much to spend on your kids as you did in previous years. That is why OWTK is going to be giving away fun stuff every few days.

Win and use the book/toy/video/CD as a gift (or not, whatever). Hell, even re-gift what you win…if you want!

To get started I have a very cool Potty Caddy to giveaway. This hip and funny “book” is ideal for anyone with a child who is about to begin potty training. Here is the official low-down on The Potty Caddy:

Here’s everything needed to say good-bye to diapers forever, including a 32-page full-color book, four toddler-size “magazines” for bathroom reading—including Vanity Fairy, BQ (Babies Quarterly), Rolling Stroller, and Sports Animated, 100 toilet targets, reward stickers, a potty chart, a helpful brochure for parents (written by a pediatrician), and, best of all, a child’s very own roll of toilet paper on a refillable holder. With its happy illustrations of a proud and curious toddler (unlike most other potty training books, this one is gender-neutral), the Potty Caddy Book answers the questions little kids actually think about: Why does the toilet make such a loud noise when it flushes? Will I fall in? Why do I need to stop using diapers? Where does everything go? But it does it all from a toddler’s perspective, with the help of far-fetched creatures (swamp elephants, space aliens, and the Poop Police), plus songs and tips.”

Wanna chance to win this? Simply leave a comment here before 11:59 PM (ET) on Wednesday, December 3rd 2008. I will pick a winner at random the next day. Thanks for reading and good luck!


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