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Father’s Day Footwear Festival

I think I’m becoming a sneakerhead.

I say this not because I own a lot of sneakers (I have two identical pairs of two kinds of red Adidas sneakers that I bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods), but rather, because I find myself lusting after sneakers and shoes like, all the time. I’m in Italy and I see gorgeous footwear in shop windows and I literally stop dead in my tracks and start to drool a little bit. I’m scrolling on Instagram, mindlessly, just trying to shut down my over-active brain, and I see ads for flamboyant sneakers and boots. I screenshot them for no particular reason. I am just in love with the styles and colors we guys can wear on our feet these days.

So yeah, I don’t own many pairs of kicks but I have a craving for the brightest and most colorful shoes I see on people’s feet. I was in Southwest London (at a soccer match, natch) and a guy near me in the stands was rocking green Adidas trainers with yellow stripes, they were SO PRETTY, and I found myself jealous of his sneakers, of his style, of his confident air that I believe a bold pair of sneakers can give a guy.

Is this a This Is 40 thing or is it just me?

Anyway, Father’s Day is almost here and Dick’s Sporting Goods is like a never-ending festival of footwear for whatever dad (or his kids or partner) loves to do. Hiking? Obvs. Soccer. Yup. Running. OMG there are so many bright and fun running sneakers at Dicks. Here are some of the sneakers I may actually buy for myself for Father’s Day...and one pair I might purchase (and pick up curbside, of course) for my wife from Dick’s Sporting Goods this month.

New Balance Women’s Fuel Core NERGIZE Shoes

My wife loves New Balance and I love her (and mesh top sneakers like these NERGIZE shoes). Because I’m the giving sort of guy, I think I might surprise her on MY DAY, with a new pair of shoes from her favorite sneaker brand. I know, I’m dreamy. Get in line, ladies 😉

adidas Originals Men’s Retropy E5 Shoes

Speaking of favorite footwear brands, I am an Adidas boy, and boy o boy are these Retropy E5 shoes handsome! I walk a ton living in NYC and could use a pair of sneakers that will look great not only with my classic dad cargo shorts but also jeans, rolled up or all the way down.

OluKai Men’s Lae’ahi Slip-on Shoes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a slip on shoe. No stress on my back, no bending over to tie laces, and I’m able to zip out the door in a flash. As you know already, I also love a mesh top look, so these OluKai slip-on shoes will absolutely be in my closet this summer. No doubt, give them to me right now!

HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Mach 4 Running Shoes

Ever since I bought my first pair of Newton Gravity running shoes a decade ago, I’ve been enamored with the most brightly colored kicks. These HOKA ONE Mach 4 running shoes are so dreamy and look so cushiony too, promising too be softer and bouncier then ever before. I’m sold on those two adjectives! HOKA is also like the hottest running shoe on the market. I’m out of practice running, but these beauties may inspire me to get back into the practice, running through Tompkins Square Park in the early morning or along the East River at dusk, as the golden sun dims on my city.

The North Face Men’s Larimer Sport CVS WP Shoe

Okay, so I have these boots that aren’t made anymore. I must have gone through 7 pairs of them over the last 10 years, recently taking to an auction site out of desperation to buy what I believe to be the very last pair of size 13’s in the cordovan color I like. It is time I face reality and start the search for my next boot obsession. You have no idea how hard that sentence was to write for me. In these North Face Larimer Sport shoes, I think/hope I have found them. If so, I will be proactive and by more than one pair to avoid the unique kind of anxiety over discontinued footwear I have suffered in the past.

These are just five examples of the variety of shoes and sneakers available at Dick’s online and in your local store. There are sandals and soccer boots, baseball cleats, and vintage Nike hi-tops, shoes for fishing, playing tennis, walking, running, hiking, golfing, and on and on. Everything you could want on your feet is waiting for you at Dick’s, as are dedicated curbside team members who will slide your new shoe boxes into your backseat or trunk within minutes of your arrival.

Find a pair of fun new shoes or sneakers (or a tent, kayak, tennis racket, branded team sports apparel, even a waterproof bluetooth speaker, MY GOD THEY SELL EVERYTHING) at Dick’s this Father’s Day and make dad a colorful, happy fella. Like ME!

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