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Canvas Prints are the Best Father’s Day Gift Idea

This post is sponsored by All opinions are honest and unbiased as always. I ordered a canvas from for my teen last year and the quality is stunning.


I wanted to pop back in here, a month after Father’s Day to show off a few things. There’s this new set of canvas prints that I ordered from featuring…[drum roll please] my fiancĂ©! Maybe you saw this on my Instagram, but if not: I got engaged!

With camera in hand, I captured the moments shortly after she said yes and then turned those photographs into gorgeous hand-stretched canvas prints to hang and have forever.

Now on to my original post, and the discount code for you to save 10% on your own set of canvas art prints from, plus more new photos from this newest of canvas prints!

I commissioned this illustration of my teen with her guinea pigs and cat, then had that made into 16×16 square canvas art with last year. The quality is stunning!

Dad doesn’t need another coffee mug (real talk: NO ONE needs another coffee mug).

He probably doesn’t need a new tie either because chances are he is 1) out of work like me or 2) will be working from home for a while longer as we swim through additional waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grill accessories? C’mon, that’s so stereotypical I can’t even discuss it.

Instead of all those father’s day gift tropes, there’s this:

Canvas art is the best father’s day gift idea for Father’s Day 2020.

Why? Well, canvas prints are super affordable through which is good because everyone could stand to save a few bucks, especially this year, and your canvas masterpiece will be cheaper still when you use code OUTWITHTHEKIDS10 to save an additional 10% on your canvas art father’s day order.

And BONUS TIME: Buying this rad father’s day gift is extremely easy and doesn’t require you to wear a mask or sanitize your hands. Speaking of masks, you can also rely on to make you a Custom Face Mask.

Simply upload a sweet photo of papa and his bears or a piece of his kiddo’s own artwork, pick a size (the square ones look SO RAD on the wall) and viola! you’ve got a unique father’s day gift that is a real life keepsake dad will actually love and truly cherish forever.

This Father’s Day, I’ll be ordering a few more stunning pieces of canvas art from for myself (and doing so very soon indeed — I just need to stage a couple of more photos). These will be canvases of my daughters, my favorite furry babies (hi Figgins!), and a 10″ x 8″ canvas featuring the love of my life showing off a glittery new thing on her right ring finger alongside the tattoo we both have on our arms.

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