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How to treat lice quickly and painlessly, and eliminate one parenting worry about your kids being at school

This blog post has been sponsored by Liceguard. All opinions and scenarios discussed here are true. We have battled lice and lived to tell the tale.

Liceguard safe lice treatment

A lot of scary stuff can happen at school. Don’t we know it.

A note stuffed into your kid’s take-home folder, shoved deep down in their unruly backpack, alerting you of a lice outbreak in the classroom, while not even in the same postcode as a genuine life or death situation, is still pretty damn terrifying all the same.

“No biggie, my kid won’t get lice,” you say.

Cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.

Hah, yeah, that’s what we all say.

Liceguard safe lice treatment

And then you catch your 4th-grader scratching her mop of hair more than usual, while swearing on her cheesy puffs that she hasn’t shared a single solitary hat with any of her BFFs at recess. She swears! Ugh, children’s hats, am I right? Like bullying and mystery meat hamburgers in the elementary school cafeteria, hats in 4th grade should be outlawed. Hats are a hyper-efficient public transit system for lice.

YOU thought that lice couldn’t happen to you. I thought the same. I mean, our kids shower somewhat regularly, come from a happy home, and eat nibble at their veggies. But my kids got lice and now your kid’s got lice. Ah crap.

How to treat lice quickly and painlessly

My daughters are 15 and 12 so I’ve seen some stuff, man, and know my way around a lice comb. What you need to do now, after you stop panicking about lice being in your house is…panic for a few minutes more — it’s okay, let it out — then follow a trusted lice treatment guide. Upwards of 12 million kids in the U.S. contract lice every year. There’s safety in numbers, dad, and safety in Liceguard’s RobiComb Electric Lice Comb too.

How to remove lice easily

You might be tempted to follow the advice of those Facebook Friends who mean well but whose getting-rid-of-lice advice is likely as outdated as their cultural references.

Lifeguard, on the other hand, knows all the hip TV shows and musicians, and they have the modern, toxic-chemical-free method for killing lice dead without hurting your kids. The clinically-proven Liceguard RobiComb uses a MicroCharge tech to zap lice with an electric pulse when its run through clean, dry hair. Easy peasy. You will literally hear the lice — even the dreaded superlice (easily the WORST villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) — being eliminated instantly, easily, and safely. Lice is no longer something to fear. You got this.

As you approach a new school year, and shop for your glue sticks, pink erasers, colored pencils, and while you cringe at the price of three-ring binders, pick up a Liceguard RobiComb too. You’ll still have to deal with scary school stuff but now, your panic will come only from finding a note stuffed into the bottom of your kid’s backpack saying that the elaborate poster board project you never heard one single word about is due tomorrow — and every store that sells poster board is already closed!

Now THAT is terrifying.

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