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It’s The Small Moments That Matter on Valentine’s Day

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A small moment of joy shared together in Ireland by a waterfall before embarking on the epic Ring of Kerry drive.

Yes, we were in Ireland and Norway and Italy and have retraced our dating steps on South Street in Philadelphia, but it’s the granular details, the moments in miniature from those days spent helplessly falling in love and later, traveling the world together, that we focus on when we want to remember why two became one some two decades ago and why we still work at this marriage today.

The sea is rough at times, and the cold wild Atlantic wind swirls from all directions. Rarely do we agree on a flavor of milkshake to share, but through it all, the good times and the bad, the memorable and the forgettable, the bluster and the calm, one of the constants has been spontaneous explosions of joy experienced together and remembered forever thanks to the phones in our pockets.

Big milkshake, small moment Fracture Photo Coupon Code LOVEIT

It’s not a perfect photo, but it was a perfect moment. I am relishing the chance to focus on #OurSmallMoments this Valentine’s Day.

Relationships are hard. It helps to have examples of happiness once shared dotting your physical environment. These are beams of lights that cut through the clouds, letting you both see that the path ahead is clearer than you think and worth traveling together.

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This Valentine’s Day, I’ve partnered with my old friends at Fracture to create a stunning side table display of eight glass photo prints. These are, decidedly, not the thoughtful, considered portraits for which I once won a photography award, but rather, some of our favorite small moments shared over the years and captured quickly with a myriad of smartphones with a wide range of megapixel quality.

Dublin Murphy's Ice Cream

A couple who eats ice cream together stays together!

Sure, you can still get a batch of 4×6 photos printed and picked up at Target but for this Valentine’s Day, consider upping your photography display game by turning your perfectly imperfect small moments of love into glamorous pieces of glass made by the experts at Fracture. Save 15% on a Fracture glass print with the coupon code below.

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It was easy to see and reflect upon this day in Ireland together as a happy moment in our marriage.

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