Dancing With Grandmom in the Shadow of Thomas Jefferson at The Omni Homestead

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The reservation wasn’t for a few more minutes. I was early as usual and no one else from my dinner party was yet there. Leaning against the ivory tower of the maitre d stand, I listened to Kendall talk about his golf game. The executive chef “beat him up and down the course” the day prior with a parade of birdies and trio of eagles. It had been a beautiful day out on the course, he said, adding that he “couldn’t complain about the 88 he shot”. Better than bogey golf. “That ain’t bad at all,” I assured him with a smile that tried too hard, not that he was looking for comfort.

It was now approaching twenty after and I was still looking for the rest of my table of six as my belly rumbled in anticipation of another delicious meal at The Omni Homestead.

Dancing at the Omni Homestead

That’s when I saw her blonde curls. They were twirling between the reflective glow of the chandelier’s light onto the dark wood parquet dance floor. Then her big brother, he of black suit and slicked-back French vanilla hair, strutted with steely eyed determination — a coolness I have never possessed. Grandma emerged from behind a colonial pillar next wearing an ornate purple velvet top and a neck brace that wasn’t going to stop her from enjoying this moment with her grandchildren. Three members of one family, on either side of 7 decades, each moving in their own way as the 3-piece band played “All Of Me” on the dais of the Homestead’s grand main dining room.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up, to dance, to dine, to be together with loved ones in fancy digs like this?

Omni Homestead Puzzle in Lobby

Somewhere in my parent’s house are photographs of my girls, of their hair twirling a few feet above wooden dance floors of fancy restaurants; photographs of them out there with their mom mom, still moments of joyful movement. That feels like someone else’s life a lifetime ago, but it also feels like yesterday as I stand quietly observing a new generation of grandkids shimmy in their Sunday best.

This scene could, in theory, happen most anywhere.

All you need is some music, an empty space, a grandmom, and some adorable children not yet stunted by the self awareness of middle age. Places like The Omni Homestead however seem to incubate such revelry. This stately Virginian resort in the foothills of Appalachia is a multi-generational playground, with band and dancefloor, yes, but also with more on-site family-friendly activities than there are days of the week.

Generations of families and a lineage of U.S. presidents alike have been calling on The Homestead for their recreational needs since the property, which dates back to 1766, was rebuilt shortly after the turn of the last century.

Omni Homestead Thermal Hot Springs Spa

The Omni Homestead Hot Spring Resort

Today, there are thrilling daily activities like ziplining and skeet shooting that Thomas Jefferson, who once laid his powdered-wigged-head down at The Homestead, couldn’t have fathomed enjoying as his horse was valet parked out front of the Homestead.

There are dozens of fantastic things for modern families to do together at The Omni Homestead, all of which are anchored by famous mineral hot springs that once eased the mental and physical exhaustion of Jefferson and many more American presidents that came after him.

Omni Homestead Falconry Lesson

Maybe you would be inclined to choose your family vacation destinations based on the number of historical characters straight outta your kid’s social studies textbook who’ve also visited. If so, the Omni Homestead is indeed the historic hotel of your dreams. The majority of travelers tossing SUV keys to the valet today, who have booked a room, spa appointment, round of 18, falconry or skeet shooting lesson, waterfall hike, or kayak journey, do so because they know for certain that The Omni Homestead will bring grandmas, grandfathers, and many branches of their family tree together out onto the parquet dance floor during a fancy dinner.

They also know this stately Virginia resort will have their family spending time together on the great lawn for a game of cornhole, splashing around the indoor pool during an early morning swim, and canvasing every other impressive square foot of this peaceful, all-ages, multi-generational luxury Hot Springs family resort.

Omni Homestead Cornole on lawn

During this fractious time in American history, The Omni Homestead is a historic family resort capable of bringing people of every generation together, meaning that the famous hot springs aren’t the only feature on site doing the healing.

Read more from me about, and look at additional pictures of, the Omni Homestead over on Traveling Dad.

*The Omni Homestead hosted me for a couple of nights to experience the resort. All travel and meals will covered, but all opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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