Kickoff A Super Week In Philly With The Kia Stinger (and Niro, Optima, Cadenza, Sorento, Soul…Okay You Probably Get The Point)

KiaAutoShow Philly Stinger Ride and Drive

We’re still plumbing the depths of winter here in the northeast portion of America but, in the midst of the bundled-up dreariness of the season, there’s a bright warm light of hope on offer. It can be found and felt from city hall down to Oregon Ave, and from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill.

The city is aglow.

The hard working residents of Philadelphia are allowing themselves to believe a super belief, to foreshadow an impossible dream coming true. On this most super of weeks, there’s a belief in the possibility of our Eagles finishing a dream season on Super Sunday.

KiaAutoShow Philly Auto Show OWTK

A car that Philadelphians will see on their HD TV screens at halftime is the very same car parked outside of the convention center all week long, and into this super weekend too.

The Kia Stinger, a family sports sedan born out of hopeful light, with a belief in limitless possibilities, is at the Philly Auto Show, waiting to be taken out for a spin on center city streets during the Kia Ride & Drive experience.

I went down to the city today, dodging snow flurries and a biting wind, and saw it, a glowing Micro Blue Kia Stinger parked in the deep shadows of 11th street, in the bowels of the convention center.

“Super” doesn’t do it justice.

That portion of 11th street is not the most picturesque locale for a first impression, but Stinger makes any scene more scenic.

KiaAutoShow Philly Auto Show OWTK

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out to you that there’s a Deep Cerulean Kia Niro for you to drive too and I urge you to get behind the wheel of that dashing hybrid.

I spent 6 weeks in a bold red Niro and loved every second of it. And I still contend the Niro is the best car for freelancers.

I couldn’t help but walk past Stinger and Niro though, to ask a snow white Soul Turbo for her hand.

She looked radiant under the cover of darkness on 11th and blissful on the streets of a Philadelphia snowglobe.

I love that car deeply, from the pulsating speakers by my feet to the flattened steering wheel bottom to that iconic, unmistakable exterior design. It was good to be back with her, if only for a few blocks.

No matter which Kia you decide to drive (and you can surely drive more than one), everyone registering to drive or just ride along will be given a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Like, seriously, why WOULDN’T you slide into a souped up Kia while at the Philadelphia Auto Show this week / weekend?

The Kia Ride & Drive Experience runs from 12pm-7pm during the week and 9am-6pm on the weekend meaning you can ride and drive right up until kickoff!

KiaAutoShow Philly Sedona

I had a quiet moment in a Kia Sedona at the Philly Auto Show, nearly took a nap because it is so comfy, and had a nice time remembering going cross country in this beaut.

So, Fly Eagles Fly over to the Philadelphia convention center to ride and drive a Kia.

KiaAutoShow Philly Auto Show OWTK

A couple of the friendly fellas working the Kia Ride & Drive booth at the Philly Auto Show this week!

*Pro tip: I snagged a rare mid-day, mid-week street spot but avoid hefty center city parking rates by parking for free at SugarHouse Casino and ride the free shuttle to the Auto Show.

KiaAutoShow Philly Auto Show OWTK

**OWTK received financial compensation for this story and for a series of live social media amplification from the auto show.

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